So PVE is not really survival is it?

When you get to higher levels in PVE its not really survival anymore is it?

Dungeons are all done there are no dailies or ways to tweak your character path. It just build till you get bored.- no real survival involved.

Can’t remember the last time I died actually.

Micro managing does not replace something to do no matter what some may think.


Is it at level 1?

I’d personally like to see more environmental settings for server admins (or SP) to run. Things to make temperature differences more severe (like a heftier penalty on the debuffs). This would put more emphasis on survival.

But as for what you are specifically having issue with is a problem in most survival games. You get to max level, you get comfortable, and then… what? What do we do? I wish I could figure a solution. For me I play on a RP server. The ‘endgame’ is simply the next goal for RP situations and all that.

Others do PVP. Nothing is harder than a person or clan who is better than you and the struggle is to try to win. But in a PVE sense, there just needs to be some -thing- that is always a challenge, and always worth doing, no matter how good we get.

Mods help, but even they need API and Hooks, and Blueprints to call on in the devkit from Funcom.

Survive, conquer, dominate.

That is the idea.Sadly when you get stuck on starter river for 6 weeks running, “conquering” Grrr Legbiter RnG so you can move on to other areas, that loses meaning.

I don’t ever expect to dominate because having more than 2 bases off the Obelisk grid is not practical but I suppose your point is made. My server has been domesticated for lack of a better term. The only survival I have accomplished is not succumbing to burnout and running for the hills.

I think the game needs some hefty NPC action, such as, having the Darfiris in the summoning place summon Yog every once and a while, and he’ll just systematically trash everything on the server until someone stops the ritual! And so on and so on for the other gods.

That would create a sense of adventure and heroism, causing clans to unite briefly (or to use the chaos as a chanse to create more!!)

All in all the game shouldn’t remain SO static. The purges would be cool if they actually happened. I haven’t seen a god since i started playing in may (official pvp)

That and a sprint attack or jump attack ( something like skyrims sprint attack or dark souls leap attack) the game would have a better balanced combat system and a sense of hostility from the world


That sounds interesting!
I think each faction already got their own religion - aside of black hand which would probably just summon a random god. I kind of hope for the Volcano getting Skelos. For some reason, those thralls there are called sorcerers in the admin panel… Would be neat!
I havent seen a god myself, only the leftovers of them having been used… :joy:

I dont think any survival game has “survival” at end game outside managing food/water and some oddities.

I like this, But i would lean towards a purge type.
“Yog is coming!”
And then summon Site (any camp or summon site with altar, not just summon place) spawns extra dafafi on map and players head there like purge is going on to prevent a base being picked out. XD


I like it! Maybe if you toss some unblemished meat into the pit your clans bases will be spared!

That Yog is coming idea is giving me Terraria flashbacks. That’s actually not a half bad idea.

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I used to PvP everyday in WWII fighter sims. No potions, jumping around, better gear etc.

Just man and machine against another.

The modern hack and slash PvP is way to juvenile for my tastes.

If you think Conan’s PvE is meow, you have not lived on a Offical PvE server and run thought the ranks, aint nuttin safe out there

Maybe PvE is not survival but for me, it’s fun.

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Well, I agree the survival aspect doesn’t matter too much at higher levels, but I’m not sure why this would be the case for PVP either? I guess it depends on what one considers “survival”, but given that many genres have PVP, including ones that have nothing to do with “survival”, I personally wouldn’t include that.

Thankfully. This isn’t WoW. Daily quests were one of the stupidest and most blatant fake-longevity game mechanics I’d ever seen, and people ate it right up.

Dailys can be something like events, like the halloween event, but in smaller proportions, dailys make players keep playing. conan exiles pve is simply minecraft is a fact.

No endgame challenges, you get the best set to do what ???

they should have armor that is harder to craft, everything is very easy to get, and not everyone has time to play pvp. the game has a good proposal, but lack content for pve players. getting build will not hold players!

I still say having some God Avatars wreck everyone if you dont make it to a specific alter and stop it or make a sacrifice to it would be sick

Agree but, but I do not think that would be enough. maybe the purge should be rethought, not have that bar, the purge should be a server event, spawning random hordes.

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it would be interesting as well, rare npcs, rare loots, recipes for epic armor only with the purge.

that was closer to the original intent / description of the event, but it was canned sometime before launch and replaced with what we (don’t) have now

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no , this is not a survival game, not after level 30. game does not challenge players at all. (PVE)

as for purges, it is a core feature that could be considered in some countries as misleading advertising, its been broken over official servers, since launch day, and only triggered with its problems for 3 weeks, then broke again, and after 7 months they decided to redo it from scratch, so i am expecting they will take about the same amount of time to have it working as intended (if they manage) its a shame as it should be the main thing to challenge people over PVE, so when you hit 60, pve is simply a building game, nothing more. the only good news is that they are now ( finally admitting its importance) marking it with their highest priority for fixing ,but unsure if they are capable of doing so. or how long it could take them.

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When the Purge was first being discussed (prior to any release of details or in-game footage), I had envisioned an event designed to wipe ALL player bases. In other words, it wasn’t expected for players to survive the event. Whether that was an environmental disaster (like a Pyroclastic cloud from the volcano going off with massive poisonous ash clouds and lava flows, a meteor storm of starmetal impacts [doing damage to exposed bases], Avatar sweeping-attacks, or massive swarms of NPCs [like an army, not a couple of guys with a stone spear between them], a gale-force sandstorm that could rip flesh from one’s bones lasting for days, or whatever). And only the highest level characters with extreme bases would have even the slightest chance of surviving intact (or mostly intact). And this would happen, perhaps, on a monthly basis. Thus, no one could really get “settled” because of how dangerous the land was. There would be this constant ‘re-building’ with each “season”. It could even encourage players to work together to be able to survive the next massive Purge coming up (and sheltering low level characters).

And then, the Purge came out and it was this small band of NPCs attacking a base in a few waves for a short time. :frowning:

So I think the game could be challenging for high level PvE game play if they crank up the Purges to something ‘server-wide’ rather than player specific. But not in its current state.

In my opinion, the game sorely needs to focus on re-playability. And I agree, not “dailies”. But world events. And there are good mechanics already in place, that with some expansion, could be tweaked to accomplish this. But first, the AI/Thalls/Siege mechanics need fixing (which is being worked on right now). But the Purges could be so much more than what it is right now. And made into a real, survival PvE experience.

Put simply, the PvE world of Conan Exiles should feel dangerous. The environment itself should be dangerous enough to low level players, that meeting another player should bring a feeling of relief (someone to help keep you alive and cooperate for each other’s mutual good) rather than a competitor fighting over the scraps the world has to offer. And similarly, resources should be more difficult to come by – exiles are showing up in a region already “ruled” by factions of people who have been there for a while. Players should ‘want’ to work together for their mutual survival (such as pooling what little they can find in order to create more advanced equipment – more advanced than stone tools and basic tents). High level characters should be concerned by triggering factions (such as politics and even ‘war’), base management, and unique, world encounters and events. The world should feel dangerous to both low and high level characters, but for different reasons.

Side Note: I would also recommend resources be set to “expire” and randomly show up in different locations periodically. This would help encourage players to ‘not’ camp specific nodes and get them to actually venture outside their walls to look for new resources. Camping a spot only makes economic sense if the resource never dries up.

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