This is now officially no longer a survival game

Good job, guys! After this last addition this is officially no longer a survival game. You can start fresh and be level 60 with 1,000 ancient coins 100 worker thralls 100 level-20 fighter thralls and 10,000 of every possible material and item known in the game within 2 hours.

My entire clan left for Rust. This is officially now a PvP game.

I can’t even IMAGINE how horrible PvE must be now :joy::joy::joy::yawning_face::yawning_face::yawning_face::yawning_face::yawning_face:


They just did a hotfix, and didnt fix this issue, imagine them working :smiley:

So your entire clan left the game that you claim to be just a PvP game now… For an even more popular PvP game?


I’ve never played Rust I got no idea lol

RUST :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
RUST is the best example of the worst of PVP. No way I’d ever recommend anyone to play it.


I actually play on a PvE server to get my fix for fighting other players. Conan PvP is actually PvA (Player vs Asleep). Its just a bunch of people offlining or getting offlined.

So PvE isn’t horrible. I would say that PvE servers are much better than PvP servers.

I do agree that a person would have to self-restrict in order to enjoy the early game that Conan offers before a player makes it to level 60. Which is a large part of the survival aspect of Conan.

But I can always put on my weak armor and lower my Attribute points to enjoy everything that Conan has to offer from a survival standpoint.


How do you do this, except using the Admin panel to spawn all this?

Because I wonder if this is an exploit of a feature that shouldn’t work like it does, or whether you’re just mildly exaggerating.

You have it simply in doing the new dungeon where trade against blood crystal is totally unbalanced, are you not playing the game ? youdon’t know you can have obelux against blood crystal, and with obelux you can buy hundred of thralls, and acquire incredible amount of steelfire, steel, tar, gold, copper

in other word as a solo player on pvp server i can acquire in 2h playtime enough to do may be 500 bombs (as a level60 character)

In my defense, the new dungeon is still lethally bugged (some key NPCs not spawning properly so progress ends with being instantly killed when the timer runs out) so I haven’t dared enter it just yet.

I also assume this two-hour period includes getting from being naked at Noob river to having the equipment to actually harvest your first blood crystals. Of course, being the great players that we are, we can probably do all that with just a stone pick and stone daggers, until you have the obolus to buy a black blood pick and a legendary weapon.

Mostly I was asking to confirm this was not about a certain exploit I heard about recently. But if it’s just crappy game balance - well, nothing new there.

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you can simply suicide yourself if a bug happens and you will spawn in your base with your thralls, i did may be 50 time the arena dungeon, and got the bug with one of the sorcerer stuck only one time.

but honestly with x4 farming, this dungeon, trade with merchand etc… the direction is very clear, and as the original poster said it, it is not the direction of a survival game, and things introduced with this dungeon appear to me very intentional and not an error. this is just last piece of what we see happens step by step since more than 15 months. i mean command, you know what ressouces i am lacking ? it’s simply leather, no alchemical base, no tarr, no steefire but leather…which was in past the most commun ressources in conan that all players were dropping to decay. all others ressources i do not even have enough stockage to keep.

the 2 hours period assume that you are already level 60 and geared, but honestly to level up level 60 is a matter of few hours if you are experienced, and yes the merchands allow you to acquire pretty quick high end stuff too in early game,
game balance is not done at all with the trade of blood crystal against magi supplies box, and sadly you are right this not the first time in the history of conan.

You can harvest the golems that spawn inside the Kurak Dungeon. This will give you ridiculous amounts of blood crystals which you can exchange for chests that will give you ancient obulus. You can get thousands of obulus this way.

The golems are bugged and give a lot of XP when you kill them. Just get your hand on star metal daggers and they are a piece of cake. But this is not needed. You can also buy a legendary weapon instead for 5 sorcerer kills (skulls).

Bascially: start a new game, kill 5 sorcerer and buy axe of the lion for example. Get some aloe pots too. Go to one or two blood stone spawn locations to get the initial 30 to open the portal. Enter the dungeon, survive the first spider wave. At the 2nd phase, kill all golems and harvest them. Kill yourself → Repeat until you have a lot of bloodstones. Trade them for ancient obulus.

No need to farm steelfire, iron, steel and alchemical base. Free fighter and worker thralls and legendaries.

I still keep finding reasons to expand upon the 60 levels, but keep it at 60 levels for everybody. It has an essence of survival.

But then, it stops. Everything is now about raiding no matter how fast you are akin to this. Some of us watch them level up to keep track of everyone’s base.

It’s survival when you have to ration your resources.

I want to see some one actually do this on a public server.
I keep reading how easy it it is, lets see it. If it just takes a couple hours, video and it post it. Shouldn’t be a problem right?

Prove it. On a public server not using an exploit. Prove it or admit you were talking out the wrong cheeks.


That’s a bit of an exaggeration. It takes way more than 2 hours to achieve all that. I think it’s still a survival game.


I did not know about harvesting the golems, interesting. The rest i know.

You can also kill spiders and harvest using ritual knife. You then get a sack, that when you consume, chance to get 100 x skulls. equip and place skulls on floor. Its now magi skulls that you can pick up and use to get tons of materials, and Obolus.

Just come to the Isle of Siptah :laughing: No any Kurak dungeons here, eclipse only. Getting Blood Crystals is hard 'cause you have to look for those Bloodynoses all over the island and they do not give too much.

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You say Siptah!!! Thats prob an even worse map than exiled lands with the Voidforge Mace. . You do know that weapon is a 1 hit instant kill PVP?

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That’s why I play PVE :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’s a building game on Official # 6067, and community is very good and helpful there.

Yeah, that’s bug abusing though.


A bug? I thought its part of the game. The devs would never release an update with bugs in the game :rofl: