So...We are getting new "content" and content


Which you didn’t pay for. You grinded for it. Just fyi



we did pay for it,you cant buy helmet, chest and legs as f2p due to 10g cap. which forces you to pay for the gear by subscribing. I would be alright with that if the game was giving us content where that gear could be usefull, but endgame rewards is behind a paywall, while the new additions to the game target another audience :pleading_face: :-1:.

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The vanity armor sets are bop. Haven’t seen the weapons yet but I would assume they’re the same.

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Well ,it doesn’t make me want to come back and actively play,i ve leveled to 80 enough times already .Also the only challenge in it,is not dieing to lag and having the right friends to boost you when needed.Sigh.

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If you want to avoid any challenge by having friends boost you, that is up to you.
I’d call that cheating though - even though it doesn’t actually break any of Funcom’s rules AFAIK.

As with any other addition to the game, not everyone will be interested in it. But considering the number of low level characters in Tortage, there does seem to be many people interested in Unconquered mode.



I been telling people in- Game funcom is working on new content but all want ignore it & keep asking same QQQ. Content comes as they finish it. I to cant wait see what b new. MUAHAHAHA

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I am not one to avoid challenge . But dont tell me you would for example do a pug black castle with an unconquered char.And by boosting i mean you can have a group of friends at 80 for certain dungeons .So all in all ,avoid major risks till 80,done if you arent lagged out.

And certainly different players enjoy different things but apart for the vanity loving or rp community the rest just are stuck in aoc with nothing better to do so they take this bone fc throws .It can be fun but it’s far from new content.

Meanwhile the only real challenging content aka pvp and timetrials have no fc leader boards for the regular servers ,no rewards and events are purely run by the community as small as it may be .Just my point of view ,can agree to disagree .I ll add however that 80% of the core of players i played aoc with are playing other games instead despite their love for it since there is nothing new out there for ages now.



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I would take chance in Groups for Dungeons cause there might be players already lost status as unconquered mess things up for others. devil in the details. Ha
Yea i tried let know in Global that there is new content but I realized they just bunch trolls trying make others leave the game or just for giggles.



same issue in ikos ui. level 1 chickens with red skulls…



…beware, they are gathering the Chicken army… to revenge all those deaths in Khopsef :smiley: