So...We are getting new "content" and content


@AndyB Do all the 12 classes have different rewards for each stage? Or are they the same? Also, is there a way to see these rewards, like is there a list somewhere?
And last question: Is this going to stay for ever or is this, like the saga servers, a temporarily event?



Logic: I didn’t personally see it or experience it so it must not exist.

You do not raid, I can also deduce that you do not group much. This would be fine and dandy and all but grouping are important parts to the MMO experience on MMOS. And this is a MMO.

The last time the solstice event was up, before WB started, they had to manually patch and change how the Vanir Avengers spawned and worked.

Just because you do not experience lag, ■■■■■■■■-ish players, etc, does not mean that we who give examples are inventing these things to complain. Just because you do not see, hear about, or experience these things do not mean that these issues do not or have not existed.



I never said bad stuff didn’t happen in the past, I’m just saying I’ve never seen it in the past or now.

It’s possible all those that got their jollies off griefing the newbies are long gone so I don’t see where warning all the current players of stuff that happened years ago is a very positive thing.

I’ve been standing right in the area when spawns have popped up, players have dragged MOB’s by me etc… and not once have I been attacked. It’s possible that what you’ve described isn’t possible now because of coding changes.

Set and Wicca have been gone for a long time, those things might be along the same lines as saying back at the beginning there weren’t alot of quests after Tortage. Just because it was true then, doesn’t mean it’s true now.

Also the Solstice event isn’t running so that’s not a worry and I’m having trouble with the concept that someone would either skip the lvl 40 cursed scroll event, just so they could come back and take it at lvl 80 solely to troll people with it OR take it at lvl 40 and just not complete it for 40 levels, once again just so they can troll people with it.



Especially on an aoe class or classes with retributive shields or uncontrollable damagesources you can easily pull aggro of mobs that are dragged by.

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Well current and past raid finder frequently has people who enjoy spoiling other people’s enjoyment of the game.
Before vote kick it was behaviour like:

  • running into the raid room and starting the fight before everyone was inside the room
  • deliberating ignoring basic tactics and even taking advantage of them to cause wipes …Eg running to a person who had miasma standing away from everyone -> get miasma -> run back to rest of raid to spread it to them
  • kite hollow knight into the middle of the people standing near the wall doing ranged damage

NOW that vote to kick is present it’s changed to spamming the vote on players mid-fight even though they are participating and executing tactics so everyone has it pop up in the middle of their screen during the fight.

And of course the ongoing frustrations that many who PvP have expressed about minigame blatant cheats and persistent AFKers.

So does AoC still have players who get their enjoyment by causing others upset … yep. For me it’s likely some will jump on this to get their kicks… “doom and gloom” maybe but years of watching toxic behaviour from our shrinking community hasn’t inspired an optimistic outlook on this new feature.

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Now all of this I’ve seen and agree with and yes I’m sure someone will zoom up to 80 super fast just like they did with the PvE saga and get bored and want to screw with people.



Well I’m excited. All these seem like RP updates!

Maybe an rp saga server is the the cards!


Prince Ptah of Stygian House Jade Asp



is this claimable for the rest of the account only once reached 80 with the unconquered toon?



If you want a recent example, last month i was questing in Commons, getting the tea barrels from the river, and I lost connection while underwater. When I reconnected, the character was drowned. :roll_eyes:

I imagine that I wouldn’t have been very pleased if it happened on an Unconquered character. What do you think? :crazy_face:



I guess we need to play extremely save with thrse characters in order to get to level 80 savely… just like Cartman and so on in that WoW Soith Park episode where they leveled up for weeks nons stop by only killing boars :smiley:



As you get the rewards they should become claimable IIRC. Not everything is granted at 80. My understanding is that you get armor sets at 20, 40, 60 and then 80, and the weapons are at 80.



Are there different armor sets for every class or are they the same?



All classes receive the same vanity armor appearances, yes. You get vanity weapons at 80 based on what weapons your class can use.



Ok, thanks for the answer!



Are items BOP or can be them traded? Because i saw on trader new voice “social_type_of_weapon”



I’ve had my internet take a dump too from time to time and yes it would be annoying during this promotional event.

But things like that or falling off cliff’s or missing the ladder that goes down into the Arch Ruins are on you, where the posters above were all going on about all the ways others will/can grief you to death.



It is supposed to be a challenge. There are a lot of unpredictable things that can happen. From some talk in global it seems like some people just want the rewards for logging in without doing any work. Also several people complaining its not new content, ok its not additional content, but its something more to do if you choose. For a game in maintenance mode it is something new,



A game in maintenance mode without developing new content shouldnt force their most loyal customers in terms of moneyspending (endgame raiders) to subscribe in order to gear up :wink: we would want some real content where we make use of the t6 gear we payed real money for.



Which you didn’t pay for. You grinded for it. Just fyi



we did pay for it,you cant buy helmet, chest and legs as f2p due to 10g cap. which forces you to pay for the gear by subscribing. I would be alright with that if the game was giving us content where that gear could be usefull, but endgame rewards is behind a paywall, while the new additions to the game target another audience :pleading_face: :-1:.

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