So...We are getting new "content" and content


Doh! I see it now, thanks



From what I’ve just read in global, apparently only some custom UI’s are having this bug, and vanilla shouldn’t show red skulls on every single player, NPC and mob? I’m using StrangeUI and I have to say all these skulls are a bit annoying.




I wanna take this oppurtunity to say congrats to all Bear Shamans out there.

Good bye ugly Popcorn.
Welcome back Broken Oar.



if anybody find out,

what are the “additional benefits” a unconquered toon will recieve?

I don’t count vanity or badges here…



“You must remove the corresponding vanity equipment to equip that item.”

I get this message when I try to swap to a 2hb from my greatsword, having a vanity greatsword equipped. I understand it’s because it has to be the same type of weapon in power and vanity (and I agree), but, as a conq, I can’t be going to vanity to take it off every single time I have to swap weapons in a raid or in PvP…

Could this be changed so when you equip another type of weapon you can use, while having vanity weapon on, automatically lets you equip this power weapon while removing the vanity equipped and placing it in your inventory? Like when you swap from bow+arrows / crossbow+bolts to melee weapon, or from 2x1h to 1x2h.

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Vanity weapons seems broken for hox and avatar with wep switching. I have two weps same time or no no one at all after removing vanity. Very nice bug the Power wep is invisible even after relog reequip etc. and never Shows up again. What can i do not to run bare handed?



Vanity weapons for barb not working - weapon swap during fight not possible.

Well, actually not working for every class that needs weapon swap during fights. So it is just a vanity thing for hanging out.



@AndyB How can we turn of badges? There are options to turn them off…but nothing happens.



No Khitai conq or barb? Stygian DT is very nice.



For conq it works with wep switching.



I can swap from 2x1he to 1x2he just fine. My guess is if you have a Maniacal Harm or a 2hb and mix it with edged on the other slot that’s when it happens. Just like when I try to swap to a blunt from a greatsword. This has to be fixed because there are some classes who swap power weapons during fights, especially tanks. I imagine DT would have the same problem with tali and shield. And, well, not being able to switch weapons with ctrl+r is just absurd.



You should just be able to turn them off in your interface options? If that’s not working then that’s a bug. Unless you’re using a custom UI, then I don’t know what hocus-pocus that might cause



Yay, now no one has to look at those ugly T6 Bear Shaman blunts :slight_smile:



I perfomed popcorn removal surgery already on my bs :smiley:

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Woohoo no more marital aid maniacal harms #firstworldproblrms

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I have vanity 2he equipped, join a mini, vanity is disabled, yet I can’t swap to a 2hb, and I can’t fix it because… vanity is disabled.

EDIT: I was wrong. I can access weapons vanity and take it off; then it works. My bad. Still it’s a hassle having to do this manually.



So nothing new in this update, really. Vanity weapons… who would use them at all, since they look better as you get better gear (mostly). And new titles, omg, no pls. I don’t want look like some joke HM boss all the time, too many titles already. New vanity looks cool I hear (imo not cool from what I seen from Twitch stream), but it’s too easy to get it with alt account (pwrlvling in DMC).



you mean like the ugly oversized BS blunts from T6? Or the poor looking Swords for Barb in T6? or that small senseless T6 Bow?

I think there are enough options, where i’d like to change Weapon Vanity :slight_smile:

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BS blunt looks cool imo, for real :wink:



@AndyB Can you check the “account wide” feature of badges? I did lvl 10 on unconquered char and on my main there is no badge and no achievement for that level. Thanks.