So what is the meta for thralls/pets?

Alright, so I’m currently back playing the game for the umpteenth time lol. And obviously things has changed rather drastically since last time. So if I’m not into “what thrall is best”, but rather pick a thrall of my choosing. What is it that makes them better? At first I was staring blindly at the perks they get for 10-15-20. But after a while, I started realizing that other thralls I had of the same character, had far better stats overall, than the first thrall, which on paper had better perks. Is it a happy combination of all the stats combined plus the eventual chance of most of them ending up in the preferred category of stat? In my example above, my thrall ended up with something like 30’ish in vitality, but the other stats was around 20’ish at best. Where as I had thralls who had almost 30 in vitality, but 10 points more in strength than the first thrall.
My primary concern is survivability for my thrall. I’m max level and can make better and better stuff for them as I go.
But excluding base damage and the like. Is vitality the only important stat for a tanky thrall, or would it be better to get points into grit for them also? Or is that unimportant?

Next week it’ll be berserkers and Dalinsia. This week? Probably a fully leveled darfari brute. :roll_eyes: just depends on how long you’re gonna play.

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If you’re primarily concerned with survivability and pure “tankiness” (where you’re the one doing most of the damage), then a tier 3 or 4 bearer thrall and enough authority to allow them to taunt. Armor rating has diminishing returns, so once you’re in epic heavy you get less bang for your buck there.

As far as pets go, they’re useful for carrying stuff around early game, and of course you may like how one looks cosmetically. Functionally though? Give them a hard pass. They’re worthless against anything but the most trivial enemies.

Make sure it’s a native Exiled Lands bearer. Siptah bearers in the new purges don’t get the vitality buffs the EL ones get.

Good to know. Hopefully Funcom fixes that.

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Agreed… I only kept parfat because she looks like a kathibria twin (slightly different nose) and Carries-Others-Through-Storms because he looks cool. All others got left behind in the cages or broken bonds, despite hitting level 20.

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