Sobek Thralls 2019

Hi people, I’ve read a few discussions about this guys but they are old and I think they’re not updated.
Have some of you tried to capture one of this guys recently ?

Cause I’ve just completed that dungeon and I’ve found them quite hard to kill (despite I was using a legendary axe with advanced damage kit). They are even stronger than Relic Hunters Treasure Seekers from what I’ve seen.

Since I already have a lot of thralls and since its a long way trip from my base to their cave, I’d like to know if they are worth being captured, considering I’ve got RH-TS fighters and archers nearby.

Personally, I find it too bad that you can not tame some Thralls.
As @Zeb has already mentioned, only those directly in front of the cave at the entrance.
As a collector, I took two of them.
I would like to have the opportunity to tame any thrall against which you can fight.
But that will never be added because then PvP players will complain about it.

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oh, that’s … annoying :frowning:
thx tho, you spared me a loong and disappointing trip ahha

Sorry to bother, but where is the cave you’re talking about ? I actually never saw those dudes.

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The toughest part of this cave is the little step just right around the corner. It prevents your helper from following you and prevents the Disciples from running out.


Thank you ! c:

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I admin-spawned one Fang of Sobek as a tame thrall. He has around 13,000 hitpoints, but for some reason, does very little damage. Maybe because he’s an archer and I only gave him a sword. Doesn’t turn into a 100-hitpoint dancer at server reboot either.

I would be wary of letting people thrall something as strong as this that is relatively easily accessible and a 100 % spawn, especially if their damage output as a thrall was comparable to what they do as hostiles.

PS.: Armor is not worth it anymore. Was really good, then nerfed… Because the cave has no lvl restriction… so people far under Lvl60 could find an armor which was better than many flawless Epic Lvl60 armors.
PPS.: Just run to the back at the cave. Kill the 2 around the chest, then use bow to shot the Sobek guy. He will come to you and you dont need to kill everyone in there.

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