Solo PvE Challenge (PC, PVE)


Can you survive and thrive the Exiled Lands alone? Especially if you are tired of over-boosted EZ-mode server settings? Enjoy exploring, challenging endgame PvE and building on our “Solo-together” small community server. Participate in our events or ignore them and just build your corner of the Exiled lands. If you enjoy low, but very active populations to build and socialize you should check us out!

Server features:

  • Max clan size of 2 and plenty of prime spots to build

  • 3x/3x xp and harvest (fast start, but challenging building at level 60+!)

  • 1.5 active thirst/hunger so food and drink matters again!

  • Vanilla crafting costs and times so choice thralls matter

  • Challenging purges and extra bosses, but convenience features (warps, public maprooms, etc)

  • Server Post Office and Loyalty boxes for regular players

  • Daily active Admins for prompt updates and glitch busting

Mod List

  • Pippi

  • Fashionist

  • Age of Calamitious

  • Emberlight

  • PvE Plus Treasure Hunt

  • Compass Icon

  • Less Building Restrictions

  • Pickup+

If you enjoy challenges and building but avoid crowds and super clans I hope you our Solo/Duo Age of Calamitous Playground!

Direct connect : IP/Port:

Thanks for taking time to read my post. Have an awesome day!