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So I just got Conan Exiles for free through PS Plus and I soon discovered the inconvenience of not having multiple save slots and it seemed people were too hesitant to test out possible solutions. And I didn’t want to make another PSN account, seemed too much of a hassle and my solution allows you stay on 1 account and alternate between the saves. I tried to reply this solution on this topic, but they’re all closed-hence this post.

No PS Plus is required to have multiple saves, it only adds convenience and an additional save. Up to 2 USB sticks (PS4 has 2 USB ports) if you have a multiple USB port you can totally use that to increase the number of saves you can have (that will be 1 save for 1 USB stick). I personally need 2 saves, so what I do is use 1 USB stick and PS Plus online storage.

SIDE NOTE: If you make any progress on a specific save, you need to remember where each of your games are saved and upload the save in the designated storage location, otherwise you’ll lose precious progress if you accidentally overwrite another save.

Yeah, I wish they’d implement the Rise of the Tomb Raider save functionality into this, if nothing else.

Have your one character and save data, but have the option at the starting menu to swap to a different character save.

Works similar to the Diablo 3 one as well, I think. Since when you turn that one on, your current character is on display, but you can load up a different one.

Barring this, there is an alternative that isn’t as much of a headache as constantly hotswapping your saves back and forth from the PS4 to either the USB or PS Plus online.

Make a second profile on your PS4 to use with Conan. Then you can have two characters easily enough. The PS4 retains your saves, you never have to worry about messing up a save or overwriting accidentally.

I think most people already have at least 2 accounts on their PS4 anyways.

I have my basic USA profile with my primary PS Store account that I get stuff on.
I also have a UK based profile so if I get any EU games, I can buy DLC for them. Or if there are any UK-exclusive titles in the store that aren’t available in the USA.

I also have a third account that I added, because I don’t typically use PS Plus aside from free trials, just to keep up with MH World events and online play. This account I made because Injustice Legendary was on sale for $17.99 last month and I felt that was a good deal. So I got a new email/account and free PS+ trial, to get the steep discount.

But yeah, a save on multiple profiles is much better than using PS Plus/USB for backup and swapping.

I appreciate your comment but I’m in the scenario where I am the host of a server and just wanted a way to play on the same account, so my way would more likely suit those in that situation.

Yeah, in that case, it would be better for your way.

Hopefully they can give us a fix for the save files in a future update. To have multiple characters and saves without the need to swap.

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