Solution to Offline Raiding

Allow people to choose a timespan that they can be raided, and allow them to choose which days they can be raided on. Hammer tool allows you to see this timespan for others and yourself. You can change your raid times once at the end of every raid cycle; this would allow you the ability to sync up with places you’d like to raid. But this time span also applies to when you can raid others. So if you choose really late at night, then there might not be anyone available to be raided under your timespan. And those set on taking you out, have to do it on your terms (have a minimum number of raid hours in the timespan such as 4 hours of game play; And if you are raidable for only a few days a week or a month for 4 hours then you can only raid for a few days a week or a month for 4 hours; Example of a raid cycle : you set tuesday at 4pm - 8pm you are raidable and no other days for that month. Then you have to pass tuesday from 4-8pm until you can change your raid time.

This system would not be easy to implement

Also I doubt there would be enough people interested in this to give it the time needed.

Maybe a modders will make something in the likes of this but having a totally new type of server is highly unlikely at this point. I’m still hoping they bring back the blitz servers but I have been told that there is not enough desire currently.

It would be easily implemented because they already have the raid hours feature placed in the game. All they need to do is transfer it from an admin power to a personal power, done. Then set constraints on its use, add the feature for the hammer to view the times and wallah! done.

There could still be default raid hours which everyone starts with, which people could then customize for their personal preference with this system. The only downside to this system is, it would be harder to take everyone’s stuff.

Easy said but not so easy to implement.
Like I said maybe would be done through a mod but very unlikely on official side of things also there are a bunch of other issues as well like people changing the time as someone begins to attack them as being only one example.

The biggest issue with this kinda system is it plays well for griefers. Also noone wants to lose their stuff so if someone seems threatened than they will disable raiding. The reason it is controled by server and not personally is it can really break the balance of the game.

There are just a ton of varibles that need to be addressed to do this which is why this would be better left for a modders to create. Funcom has enough other issues they are working to address in the love game to move people onto this kinda side project.

I do not think this is a bad concept I personally would not play on it because it seems like it would be painfully unbalanced but it is a very neat concept. I think it would be alot of fun to do with a couple of raid teams though

Nope you can’t change the times during an attack, you can only change the times at the END of the raid cycle. That means once you’ve survived the time you are vulnerable to being raided is over.

Nah, the only issue would be raiding would be more difficult.

On the issue of not wanting to be raidable, you then pigeon hole yourself into not being ABLE to raid yourself. Because you can only raid when you are raidable.

This system would allow people to grow at their own pace, it would actually end griefing. Because people could only raid you on your terms. So the big dogs on the server wouldnt be able to wipe your base until you decided you are ready to start raiding others.

Now this solution may not be liked for other reasons, such as those who are already doing well on a server and have dominance over it. People who have more time to play than others might not like it, because they can’t use the advantage they have (more time) to do better in game.

I dont really have much business weighing in on this topic since I dont play much full pvp anymore, now I mostly play conflict.

But I have to agree with @GRAV easily said’s not always easily done. It’s a good idea but I’m not sure Funcom would pursue it for official servers.

I kinda like what I’ve seen from some RP servers, a “Declaration of War” kinda thing, basically all bases being unraidable until a declaration of war is issued giving the clan to be raided an advanced warning and opening up the raiding clan to counter attack. But of course that wouldn’t be popular with some pvp’ers.

This will never happen. To many people will complain about it taking away from the game. However I do feel that there should be servers set for raid hours for people that work in the afternoon and over night hours.

I find that the raid time window is simply to wide.

5 to 11 pm is a lot of time. For the most of us we have a job, and when you log in at 6 or 7 pm with the sound of explosive surrounding your base and then have to hold for 5-6 hours is a bit too much.

At least during the week, a time span of 2-3 hours, like 7 to 10pm would be far better in my humble opinion.

What you are suggesting is to deny offline raiding for others while simultaneously allowing it for yourself.

Everyone will do this, until they are lvl 60 with a god bubble protected mesa base. Once they have done this, they will farm 300 jars and then set them off all at once in the appropriate raid “window”, blowing your castle in the air

No, not exactly. What I am suggesting is that you can only raid during the hours you are raidable yourself. But, you can only raid people whose raid hours align with yours if there are any. Example: If I set my raid hours for 3 am to 8 am, I can go around looking to raid someone. I then use my hammer to see someones raid time; the first house near me says 5pm to 10 pm which means I still can’t raid them. Because even though I am able to raid, the time on their house doesn’t align with my own preferred raid time of 3 am to 8 am. So I move onto the next structure. If I find a structure which has a window of opportunity , say 6 am to 11 am. Then I can raid it for the period of time which aligns with my own window. So in this case I can raid the 6 am structure until 8 am when my raid window ends.

Now if I find that there are no structure available to raid during the times I am available to raid, I can change my raid times to match a structure I wish to attack. And when that time comes around I can raid it.

True, people will try to use their raid window to try and protect themselves. The counterbalance to this could be that the game ensures people must set a reasonable raid time window (the number of hours people are open to attack during the raid time window must have a minimum length and how often this raid window opens must have a maximum number of days that pass before your base must become vulnerable to attack. ) So say your base must be vulnerable to attack every 72 hours, and of those 72 hours, you must be vulnerable for a minimum of 2 hours. That way people can’t completely exploit the rules, they may do the minimum, but there will be a window of opportunity to destroy their base for 2 hours every 3 days. So if others really wanted to raid them, they could align their own raid time to overlap the others raid time.

True, although it is a solution that would work and it would end the problem of offline raids; people would complain because it does minimize the number of structures that can be raided, unless people start to sync up with each other to be able to fight. People may have to consider if they actually want offline raiding or not and then decide if they actually want a solution.

Most people do have jobs and can’t live in the game 24/7. This is an option for those people who want to be able to compete on their own terms and time table.

They should do it like an old MMO I played use to do. Where you buy or make an item that can be planted near an enemy base in order to declare a siege. The enemy base then sets the time of the siege but you can only set the time during the primetime hours based on where the server is . The siege will only end when either the base is destroyed or the sieging teams item is destroyed. Granted they can’t implement it exactly like this but its a decent guideline.

But for this to work some tweaks would need to be done as in not being able to build during the siege.


I say follow in the footsteps of CCP’s game EvE Online.
Devs set minimum number of raid hours (example: 40)

Player, via clan menu, allocates this time into a week chart broken down by the hour.
That clan can only be raided in that allocated time. Period.
To raid another clan or player, you must raid them during THEIR allocated window of weakness.
To keep people honest, that raid time can not be changed for one whole week cycle from the moment it was set.
As mentioned above, repair hammer shows vulnerability window. o7

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Both good ideas and possible solutions to the problem. As for the first idea (Siege Banner Idea), you could introduce a no building radius around structures recently damaged by siege weapons, explosives, orbs, or gods as long as the structures are damaged every so often ( every 5 - 10 minutes they would need to damage nearby building pieces to renew the no building timer; this should still allow siege items to be placed and built.)

Another possible idea is to simply allow people to be raided while they are online (them or their clan members). This could be open to an exploit where people would just log off if they were losing the raid. A solution could be to combine ideas; allow this siege banner to be placed on a persons doorstep which declares war, once the person is online their structure can be attacked. However if they log their structure can no longer be attacked/damaged. But they can’t build as long as the siege banner is planted on their doorstep (no build radius). And to damage the siege banner the enemy or their clan members has to be online. To prevent sieges from lasting too long, apply decay mechanics to the siege banner and to damaged walls. So that if neither side is online soon enough they break (damaged walls crumble open/banners collapse and allow building) To renew the decay timer so that it remains you must be online for x hours. So that a banner would continue to prevent building. Now for the repairing mechanic, so that it is not overpowered and exploited, slow down its effectiveness. So that it heals for a lot less, takes a lot more resources, and make it something which is channeled (continues repairing unless you move). 100 hp a tic for example, so that repairing a 30,000 hp wall would take 5 minutes. Then allow repairing only when both sides are logged on, the attacker and the defender. Make repairing cost more than creating and building new blocks because you are patching up broken blocks. So 5 to 10 times the resources it takes to create a building block is what it takes to repair them.

On the raid hours idea, it could work but wouldn’t be perfect. It would allow some customization for people who work, it’s a good compromise (neither side would be entirely happy).