Solve this mystery?

PVEC Official, actively online and playing during the entire pvp time, and well after. Log out in middle of base.

Log in the next day, naked with zero inventory. All inventory and armor has “decayed” in lootbags.

-No death in event log
-nothing else in event log except lootbags decaying.
-again, did NOT die. Was not killed. Well outside of pvp hours.

What can explain this?

This is not a answer to fix your problem but alot of old timers put their best weapons and armor in a chest before logging off. My wife and I are playing on a official pve-c Siptah server some friendly players let us know that poison arrows can be shot through windows we changed our building. All those cool open windows are closed. It may not show up after pvp hours the way it was explained to us. The new age of war will have some changes. @MrsMisfit.

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