[SOLVED] Wrong controller mapping when playing MYZ from Epic Store through Steam Big Picture

So far it has been successful for me when launching Epic Store through a Steam Link, and then launch Mutant: Year Zero through Epic Store and having the game recognize the controller used by the Steam Link. However, when I do so in Mutant: Year Zero, it does indeed recognize the controller, however, the mapping is wrong. The right analogue stick acts as the left, the right hand trigger acts as “A” etc.

A possible workaround is to utilize another controller and then launch the game with “-EpicPortal” as an argument, however, I would like to use the controller hooked up to Steam Link.

Does anyone else have the same problem? Any fixes?

Just to reiterate. I have the game on the Epic Store, which I launch from Steam Big Picture (Steam Link) and then I launch MYZ from the epic store on the steam link.

The controller is original and works in every other situation I can possibly think of.

I do use 3rd party software for other controllers however all of that is not active when trying to fix this.

EDIT: The mapping is also wrong in some other games, making me think it has nothing to do with MYZ. I case anyone else is interested I will post my findings if any, once this issue is fixed.

EDIT: It works! One need to shut down the Epic Store before launching it through Steam otherwise it will just maximize which causes the wrong controller mapping.
Feel free to delete this post, if it is posted wrongfully as it has nothing to do with Mutant: Year Zero.

Hello @michagin, welcome to the community and thank you for letting us know that you’ve managed to figure this one out!

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