Some advice form chinese guy

hello every body,i am chinese guy,and my english it is not well,i will try let u guys can understand me:) thank u guys for looking。I am 10000hours time for play ark . I like conan very much too.I have no time to play ark more,beacuse I am busy。so i use my all time to play conan,beacuse i think conan will be best survival game. 1.I think if conan make horse and elephant and more dino will be good。and we can let horse and elephant dress armour。and elephant can get more strong saddle.

  1. I think player can stand on elephant and archery. usually 1 elephant can let 5players ride.

I hope conan gm can talk with me, i will hire a translator to talk.plz ,I love conan exlis evry much,i hope this game will be best games。

hello? everybody

I think they are planning to add mounts in a future update, but I like your idea of being able to dress the elephant in different ways. I think that would be really cool! :slight_smile:

Great idea @ryan7, hope to get war elephants too. Elephants and Mammuts are already in the game. It would be a great mechanic for a dlc. Maybe Mammuts should get slower and have less health when there masters lead them in the desert or jungle and otherwise the elephants will get slower and have less health when there masters will lead them in the northern Biome.