Some Feedback after long hours on testlive

First of all, I need to congratulate the dev team for giving another level of polishness with this update, game looks prettier and more fluid.

Animations and the new pace of movement/combat.

I really understand why characters movement got slower with this update, it fits more the purpose of battles, this way it is not so easy to hit and run anymore, fights are more “real”, they feel more cinematic this way, specially with the dodge slow motions, the thing I thought to be the issue at start, in the end turn out to feel good and makes more sense within barbarian style of fight, and since we now have use of heavy armors, Yay! good one indeed with this idea FC, I would appreciate more ACC heavy armors in upcomming dlcs ^^.

I also think, that raising a bit the initial speed on walk, sidestep, sprinting on foot and on horseback would make less that feeling of being greased on the groud, theres too much drifting, mainly on horse, making it less drifty and a bit more quickier movement can be better, but not too much because of this new system in “landing strikes”.

Talking about landing strikes easier, since the game is evolving in a way we all can expect a lot of room for improvements now, how about starting to think in a Parry system? You are making the game going the route of “more fighting and less running”, and I think most of the community agree with this decision, but we must still have defenses while we’re being more susceptible to be hit, a parry system would not only enrich the combat gameplay, but also be another tool to avoid being hit, like weighing the “hard to acquire, easy to loose”. A parry system should cost stamina and considered weapon durability.

Another improvement to combat that I think it would be great, its adding Kick/Block and Dodge to combo cards, this way we have more varied combos, fights become more stylized.

To finish, Bows, while I’m not fond of shooting arrows just on the left side, I can live with that, finally I can play a Hyrkanian Horse Archer, just beautiful, but please, allow 1st person on Horse, otherwise Horse Archering isn’t that effective, and a thing you guys gotta figure out with some shoulder armors while in 1st (mostly on ACC armors), aiming with a bow with your shoulder blocking your vision is not a good thing I suppose :sweat_smile:

One last thing, make arrows retrievable from corpses like throwing weapons, not all of them of course, but most of it, archer life in Conan Exiles is very hard due to constant crafting.

And btw, I saw that you fixed the non flying arrow bug, thanks a lot for that.


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