Wonderful game! Only a few small gripes though

Congrats for such a successful release and with minimum controversy! they don’t happen often especially considering some game that rymes with Quark: permival jegolved

I’m absolutely addicted, but there are a few things that I find a little underdeveloped or rough around the edges.

  1. Dodge rolling - Some animations in this game can be pretty fantastic, while some can have the craptasticness of a WoW clone. But the one that I have the most difficult time looking at are the Sonic-esqe super high-speed dodge rolls. The combat in this game would look SOO much better if you just did away with the almost teleporting like fashion of the rolls and slowed them down to a more realistic speed while still remaining effective at dodging attacks. The just look silly

  2. First Person Animations - Now of course this can be easily solve by switching it to the excellent 3rs person mode. But being a player who really enjoys the immersion of watching my sword decapitate my foes from my own eyes, I’d love it if the mode got a little more polished, especially when you are doing certain actions and attacks. Some tend to “clip” through the FPV camera. And for Ymir’s sake, get RID of those waving arms while jogging, leave that for sprinting where it belongs!!

  3. Fix Archery - It looks good, feels good, animates good, sounds good, but kills really, REALLY bad! I know this is a hard balance thing to achieve, for the sake of making sure the meta doesn’t make any-one option completely irrelevant. But at least give them a LITTLE bit of a damage boost. The only thing it’s good for is NPC cheesing, which brings me to my last topic…

  4. Let NPCs Climb walls too - you finally have developed a game mechanic that, if integrated into the AI, could potentially eliminate the now survial game famous strategy of simply standing on a rock (almost any rock) in almost any game and pelting away with either far reaching melee weapons or arrows until the hopeless thing dies. The combat AI is already pretty good, they just need to be able to actually get to where you are to be any good.