Some issues with Purge

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US-East

We are lucky to have the purge working on our private server. While it not working for people is probably the bigger priority I have noticed an issue that is really annoying when the purge does occur.

NPC’s from the purge are getting stuck in building foundations, the water or are just no where to be found to trigger the next wave.

You have to destroy your own foundation to be able to get to the NPC. As soon as you do they attack you, but until then they just sit inside your foundation swinging at it. You are unable to hit them from outside the foundation unless you destroy it.

If a Purge NPC hits deep enough water where they have to swim they get stuck there. They cant get out. You must attack them with a ranged weapon as you are unable to attack while swimming either.

After we defeated the first two waves we searched everywhere last night for Purge NPC’s, down a cliff, all around the entire base. Did not get the message saying they were regrouping. Did not get a new wave start. No named Purge NPC came. I even turned on Ghost and looked all around and under our base. Nada. Eventually when the timer ended we received the message that we successfully defeated them.

Same on the private server I use…haven’t seen the interior decorators, luckily, but I have my base built on a peninsula with a sidevator going over the water and every other wave just chills 10 feet under the surface. I would suggest taking your skinning knife to them, a lot quicker imo and useable while swimming.