Some kind of bug that happened in the raid finder

When I was in the raid finder yesterday, there was a bug that did not allow players to leave the raid. I managed to get out of there by teleport. But now I can not take loot and join other raids because the game thinks that I’m still in the raid. I’ve already sent a couple of emails through bugreport but the problem has not been fixed.

I created with my friend the raid group and after leaving this group the consequences of the bug disappeared. Perhaps this information will help someone. Thank you Rooibos for suggesting a solution to this problem.

Hi Khabakhudo, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble looting items and joining raids.

Asking another player to invite you to their group and then disbanding will usually resolve this issue. If you’re unable to be invited to group, I recommend submitting an in-game petition so a Game Master can assist you directly. You can open the petition interface using the /petition command in your chat window. Please be sure to confirm the petition submission, when prompted.

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Thanks for the help.

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