Some random improvement suggestions

Hey guys from Funcom, I would like to share some ideas I had while playing the game for small improvements.

  • An Execute action to instant kill knocked down ennemies (because it’s stupid to hit 20 times a guy who is unconscious).
  • Some item to harvest Resin.
  • Leather stacks of at least 200 because you end up throwing it when you farm Tar and don’t have space to store it.
  • More ways to make/harvest Tar.
  • Some Clan Role management options. Currently even the second in command can’t even change the Message of the Day.
  • Triangle Half Tiles. Both foundations and Ceilings.
  • Some way to sort/divide/arrange recipes. Like tabs for different crafting recipes.
  • A hotkey to give/take from a container.

That’s all for now. I hope some of these will make it into the game. Cya !

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