Some weird things about New World and Conan Exiles

So call me crazy, but I haven’t seen anyone else talk about this and need to get it off my chest.
Isn’t New World in many ways plagiarized from Conan Exiles? I’m not saying legally, there is some kind of issue, I wouldn’t know, probably not. But the game certainly borrows HEAVILY.

Here’s a list of things in New World that appear copied:

A metal system that goes Iron → Steel → Star Metal (only slight differences between the games here). Having those star metal tools glow blue.

An island with a volcanoe surrounded by snow biomes in the very north that houses something magical. Having that island in the past inhabited by an ancient race that built highways that rise about 100m above the ground.

Attribute system works almost identical. Putting points in to reach milestones in a bar that give you special bonuses.

Basically all crafting is the same. Using leather + inputs to make supah leather, etc. New World only has more tiers, because you’re not supposed to spend as long progressing in Conan.

The story of not truly being able to die on the island. Using gear and food to increase the attributes just enough to reach the next threshhold in the bar. I keep finding new things every day. Having exactly the same tools for crafting, having those tools be made in the same metal progression system (Note: This out of context is not weird at all, Minecraft does the same thing, but consider all things holistically).

Things that are not copied:

The weapon skill system. (Conan should steal this tbh, would give a new dimension to combat)

Profession skills.

Basically everything specific to an MMO grind.

Anyway, not ■■■■■■■■ on any game here. I like both games. Just thought it was strange. Maybe Conan borrowed these things from some other game in turn, or I’m just blowing it out of proportion. But I do keep finding new things every day.

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You’re crazy.

Ok fine but now tell me why i’m right

I just wanted to call you crazy.


I don’t know. I never played this game, yet you left a window open so I can hop in to the conversation.
More or less all the games have borrowed something from others. Survival, rpg, shoot n kill, sports, arcade, etc… They all started from an idea and evolved to what we have today and hope for best in the future.
The great job a for a gaming company, is not where they had their influence, but at the end, if the game that you are playing “seems unique” and not a bad (or a good) copy. Conan exiles didn’t seem a copy for me from the very first beginning. When I started playing it I lost the flow of time, in the next days I lost my sleep too. I don’t know where these ideas were borrowed from or not, all I cared was to play. This is the Funcoms victory for me. This is my victory too, because as a gamer i want to invest time and feelings on the game i play and I don’t feel disappointed that I did. I have played games that was unique, scared in my mind forever, Conan exiles is one of them. This is all I care, nothing else :man_shrugging:.

The games are remarkably similar. I also feel some resemblances to Age of Conan.

  • New World and Conan Exiles have action-style combat. Conan doesn’t have the weapon skills, but else, they play very, very similar. Both didn’t invent the system, but the similarity is staggering. Light attacks, heavy attacks, combo attacks, dodging, blocking.
  • In the Beta, New World apparently had a freestyle settlement system very similar to Conan Exiles.
  • The Asian-inspired area looks very similar to Age of Conan’s Kithai expansion.
  • Both happen in an isolated, prison-like area that prevents people from dieing.
  • Both only have humans as playable race, and are somewhat low-magic. New World is more like Age of Conan regarding magic with magic healing and fireball throwing.
  • Both do not have character classes.
  • Both have ruins with statues of a strange, multi-armed ancient race.
  • Both have NPC attacks on player settlements.
  • Both feature similar enemy types: pirates, skeletal undead, animals. Conan Exiles has more classical monsters such as Giant Kings and bat demons, whereas New World has corrupted humans and zombie-like undead instead.
  • Both have corruption that reduces health in certain areas (as a DoT in New World, as a reduction of max health in Conan Exiles).
  • PvP players complain about balance, cosmetic skins and everything else in both games. Okay, they do in all games. :wink:

What Conan Exiles has that New World doesn’t:

  • Real base building.
  • Followers.
  • Horses.

What Conan Exiles should take inspiration from:

  • More resources, such as finding gems when farming stone and lots of herbs.
  • The optional grid system for placing furniture is nice. It helps a lot in aligning stuff properly.
  • High-level “elite” zones and dungeons. Conan should have more of that.
  • Weapon skills… questionable. Difficult to implement, as you can switch between weapons much more easily in Conan Exiles. Some kind of cooldown-based system might be cool, though. Maybe share the cooldowns among all weapons. Or maybe leave everything as is - for PvP at least, it would upset the balance.

What Conan Exiles should not take inspiration from:

  • The grind. The endless grind.
  • Obviously skewed guild system that empowers the powerful and drives away all others.
  • The grind.
  • The absurd cash shop. Everything looks like sh… and is still astronomically overpriced.
  • Did I mention the grind? If not: Do not copy the endless grind.
  • The heavily RNG based crafting system. One could call it a grind.

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