Someone got onto my password protected server. Problem with update?

Someone was running around on my password protected server, however while the password is still set in ServerSettings.ini, when we boot it up, there is no padlock symbol in the server browser. Did the update break something?

Try to use a harder password, “Password1234” is not a good one…

Is your server hosted by g-portal btw? The server I am playing on had a few of the settings reset after the update.

EDIT: As if somehow what was set in the ServerSetting.ini was ignored and some default numbers pulled from somewhere. If you are using a server hosting company, check whether the password also appears in their web pannel which is supposed to be linked to the ServerSettings.ini but :woman_shrugging:

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I double checked my server on gportal and the password had not reset. Thanks for the heads up though.

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Not a good one… like your reply.

I figured it out… I didn’t have it set in engine.ini… not sure what happened. Thanks.

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