Someone is spawning things on other players

i login and someone has spawned a scorpion king and killed all my thralls server is 1521 so how can this be done on a pve server?my base is on a bluff with no way to walk up to it.lost 40 thralls and pets.tons of resources weapons and Armour.there are people who are going after other people on the server atm.any help from funcom would be helpful.people that do this kind of thing should be banned.the above incident happend on the 19th at about 1300 on the log

Sounds like a purge, which is an intended game mechanic:

If it wasn’t your purge, then maybe it was the purge from your neighbours.

Welcome to the forums. From what you wrote, it sounds like a scorpion king killed your thralls, but didn’t destroy any of your structures. Did you have your thralls out in the open, outside your base?

If that’s the case, then it’s unlikely somebody “spawned” it. There are several scorpion kings on the map and they will chase any player that comes close enough. Most likely some other player led a scorpion king to your thralls and left it there to kill them. I wouldn’t expect that player to be banned, because they’re not hacking the server or abusing any exploits.

purge bar is not been up in 6 months been at 5% the whole time,and i have no i said in post there is no way for anything to walk up to my base is on top of a inaccessible area.if an addmin would look at the log this will be evident.

if luring is not a rule violation game is on .


Luring is not a violation. Good or bad depending on your situation. You might want to build below your base so that purge hits down below.

His event log will show if it was a purge. It will have the “A purge has started” line in it before any of his stuff was killed.

if the admin of a private server spawned a scorpion they are dumb, id spawn arena champs to clean up old mess.


Are you sure your on a PVE server? On your first post you stated, “there are people going after other people atm” that can only happen if your on a PvE-C server or PVP

As for your problem sounds like you have a lollipop base if this is the case not sure how they can a King Scorpion be lured there unless your on a private server and they used admin control to spawn a king scorpion on your base idk

pve i mean people are deleting other peoples bases when they come up but before they self seems they used my elevator and lured it to my base

Enclose your elevator. Build yourself an elevator house closing your elevator to any one not in your clan, that will prevent players luring scorpian king upto your base

it is Official server #1521 PvE - g-portal us Karmakane69 is in my clan I used the gportal server tool and found out who the players were that lead the bosses into Karma’s base where Karma and I lost a lot of thralls. Is there a way to report them for griefing. or does funcom even care? I have screenshots of the server logs and the g-portal server reports with all of the times that proves who did it. I would love to see these players banned!

Funcom doesn’t moderate official servers. They will rarely ban anyone at all and it has to be for something really extreme, such as walling off the new player spawn locations or maliciously building a structure that intentionally brings down the server performance.

I’ve never seen them ban someone for griefing and there’s plenty of griefing on official servers.

My advice would be to either:

  • learn to prevent what you can and learn to live with what you can’t prevent


  • find a private server you like and rely on the admin to moderate that behavior.

When it comes to thralls, it’s easy to prevent getting them killed: keep them behind walls.


That is just sad. We have played the server for over a 1000 hours and a few toxic players have brought the community numbers way down. We were in the middle of consolidating two massive bases to one on a plateau that couldn’t be reached without a really high climbing ability or by using the elevators we put in. the thralls that were killed were holding most of our resources and table thralls some of which aren’t even available to ever get again. I know PVPers say it’s a survival game losing your stuff to other players is part of the game, but for us PVE players it’s not supposed to work like that. We lost almost everything to malicious players.

I’ve been playing since EA on a official PVE server since then and now I’ve been trolled a few times on separate occasions and had to readjust my base to counter the same type of trolling had to learn the hard way

Sounds like the people in question aren’t good enought for PvP but still trying to cause trouble. That’s why I only play PvP you mess with me I mess with you. It’s so much better

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“purge bar is not been up in 6 months been at 5%” - so your clan hasn’t actually played the game for at least 6 months. That’s one way to attract attention, big unused bases with lots of old thralls practically screams to be attacked. WTF were your thralls in other thralls for? You clearly weren’t in the middle of some big move. Sounds like griefed noobs to me, half the things they claim aren’t even possible.

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