Something needs to be done to keep players long-term

I bought this game when it very first came out played it for three to four weeks everything was way too easy and buggy. I decided to give it a second chance about a month ago they have made a lot of improvements but it is still very buggy. I’m level 60 have done pretty much everything in the game now I’m building big huge castles because I’m bored and haven’t logged on in 3 days because I’m probably going to stop playing. You guys really need to figure out something for endgame to keep players playing more than a month. I like this game but I’m pretty much out of stuff to do I guess I could repeat and do the same stuff I am but the only thing I look forward to is The Purge and it doesn’t happen nearly enough as it should. You should give a level 60 player an option to speed up the purge because it’s the only thing fun to do when your maxed out and have all the thralls you need. And at the rate you guys have official it takes way too much work to get a purge to happen especially when the purge is are messed up right now to where you don’t even get a good one. So here you do all this work to try to get your Purge meter up and then you have a messed up Purge that doesn’t actually happen and reset your Purge meter. Once again the only thing to do once your maxed out and have it all your thralls is The Purge. So please work on something for the high-level players to do to keep their interest otherwise they will leave. Just my opinion I’d love to stay but I am really bored on the server


So why is it I switch to single player so I could change the purge settings and they are screwed up either it’s zero 42k or 100k I can’t go in between at all? And the performance on single player is super laggy I’m pretty sure it’s worse than official. I love this game but I’m beyond Fed Up with the bugs and horrible lag I can’t even take a thrall with me because he doesn’t attack anything he just puts a sword in his hand and stands there and gets it without fighting back. I had a really high hopes for this game when I bought it on pre-order and was very disappointed at first came back a year later and there’s still horrible lag. I’ll guess I’ll try it again in another year.

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