The game need many improvements

When the game was on alpha or beta sepermeru got a spawn to thralls armorer tier4 and you can find diana steelshaper or than hammerblow or another one now you change it and cant get any one of the thralls level 4 of the relic hunter so you need to change the respawn, yesterday i kill the other armorer spawn in sepermeru like 600 times and never spawn the level 4 thralls so that is a mistake you need to change.

The other important change you need to do is the glich base… you remove many of them like the Xullan ones but i was watching many servers people discover new glich bases so maybe you need to watch it.

The purge… what to say about it you cant reach the level of purge and if you enter in any one of the servers officials and you see the purge level that is level 6 and you cant down that i was testing every purge level and every purge spawn so the only way to get the new thralls is in the purge level 2 and 3 but now you cant cause you cant let down the level of the purge. The other thing about the purge is the limit of this only 1 purge every day per server so the chance to get purged is very low.

The buble of the gods is the most stupid thing i ever see cause you cant raid the people if they are in a position you cant use jars so they may be nerfed or get life value and you can break that using something like trebuchet or something, You say when you spawn an avatar the buble decrease the time of the avatar but with any one of them u cant do something to a base with a buble so you maybe need to test it a little more.

The Avatars… all the avatars are nerfed except Set one in the beta if you use an avatar you destroy a base now if you use an avatar you do 50% damage to structures or less so isnt worth farm it and use it except set avatar, Set destroy 1 hit everything like in beta days.

I like to much the new skeleton keys system with a legendary weapons but u cant repair it cause the blacksmith who can repair it only spawn in purge level 2 and 3 so u can use it but if you got one specific weapon for a build you need to get many of them so its hard cause there are a lot of new weapons but you dont got problem to farm keys cause you can bug every boss with wood palisade and kill that in 1 or 2 min so easy to farm

The boss of the barrowking still bug he never hit you.
The kingscourge you can bug him in the stairs and hit him throw the stairs with a spear.

The orbs… all the people who play in the beta this game use tar orbs to stack and then use a demonfire orb to destroy something but now tar orbs are useless is better farm demonfire and stack them to destroy all 1k damage per demonfire when hit any fundation, door, wall etc.

The jars: u can still put jars throw the ceilings in a base. :confused:

I dont know if you read us but i see many videos and many post with the life bug and the stamina bug one of the case of the stamina bug is the combat case u can drink a lot of ale and when you get alcohol poisoning and you get the life and streinght bonus you can relog in the server and you get infinite stamina to combat and to run but u cant climb but that is enough the other way to get stamina bonus is in a stair, you only need run over the stair and then jump and still run your stamina will be full if you dont jump or stop.

The other thing i was thinking of the game you maybe need to add a way to destroy the weapons into materials again that will be good to the players.

The thrall armorer of nordheimer level 4 never spawn and the cimerian one never spawn too so imposible to get flawless these 2 sets. The other ones you cant get is zamorians, stygian, lemurian the only armor you can get flawless is kambujan hyrkanian darfari and the normal ones that give you encumbrance so the rest are imposible to get epic flawless

I love this game and i love the work you do cause in the beta the game was so incomplete and hosting got many lag and now the game is a good one but this is the work you need to improve i think to do it better.