Something wrong with pick Axes?

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Recently I swapped out the hatchet and pick for a pick axe…
Now it seems I can not harvest any stone below knee level, no matter what…
Is this something that’s been around for a while or a recently introduced bug?

Sounds like you may be experiencing the old “hatchet animation bug”…?

If you go into 1st person and look down, can you see into your own body?
Are you also having problems fighting short creatures with a sword, like the red imps or crocodiles?

If so, then yes you too have this common affliction. They know about it and they’re working on it.

Until it’s fixed… suicide is the answer my friend!
Seriously tho, killing yourself (usually by removing your bracelet) will reset your character and let you harvest like normal until the next time you log out.

I have to start every session with my solo character this way. I then harvest my own body with a yog cleaver and axe to test it’s fixed after I respawn, and self-cannibalize to restore my health.

It’s one of the reasons I started a new character on an online server.

I haven’t heard a correlation with the pickaxe yet tho. You may have found the trigger if it is the same bug.

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Yes, but. I won’t eat myself to fix it.
Funny really, there are no penalties for being a cannibal yet so many refuse and it’s the best source of food…

So yeah, made a stone pick and had no problems harvesting stone on the same stone a pickaxe wouldn’t… solo offline.

If you are using the Pickax and want to harvest small stones, you need to find a point where you are lower elevation and try to swing at or above the stone. Using this method, you can harvest rocks and branches to extend your harvest per area.

Though, this can prove tricky and in some cases, not worth the effort.

Definitely not worth the effort… have been doing that…

I’m thinking it’s because the pick has a longer head than the pickaxe, so a larger hit box… in which case the solution should be simple…

Also, if the pickaxe it a replacement/upgrade for the Hatchet, why can’t it harvest (meat) from animals? A skinning knife gives no meat, so I still have to carry a hatchet. :worried:

I get meat from both skinning knife and Pickax.
The Pickax is supposed to be the combination of pick and ax, so should benefit from both harvest types.

In over a week of use not one shred of meat…
rng or Xbox…
not a big deal, just saying…

This sounds like a different bug than the one I thought.

Have you tried using a cleaver for meat?

Pickaxe is a replacement for pick and hatchet… do you’d expect it to act like it…

I would yes.

And I think it used to give you meat too. Pretty sure this is a recent bug I haven’t encountered yet.

But as a workaround you should still be able to get meat with a cleaver. That’s all I’m saying. You sounded like you haven’t been able to get any meat at all.

Wouldn’t want you to starve dude.

Yeah, nah… my friends and family will wonder what’s up…
Like ‘did you turn vegan or something’

Next thing i’ll Be strapped to a table and given a vegimite and bacon enema…

Might not be any penalties, but there is a deterrent, the fact the human flesh when cooked decreases the water gauge when consumed might be enough to deter people, as cooked human flesh doesn’t really do much for hunger, you’re basically trading thirst for hunger.

Yeah it’s not worth carrying around as a food source.

I usually feed all the uncooked human flesh to my carnivorous pets. I’m also not above throwing some cooked human into the thrall pot for them to eat either.

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