Sometimes a LOW block number limit would be great

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The land-claim is at least 10X this, and I have only traveled from the West, running along the coast.

Report it to zendesk if this is official. Funcom have said they are going to start enforcing the rules so will be interesting to see if this actually counts as a no no under their new guidelines.


I am sick and tired seeing these actions in pve servers. I do understand a great part of this game is building. But all these builds from sandstone or flotsam for me is that you play this game only for the build part and care not for the others. For this reason you can always play single player, what is the reason to go official? Is it so difficult for them to understand that they are aggressive to the other players and the server performance? I don’t still want to have a building limit, I will wait a bit for this decision until the new rules come in front. I really wish we will never have to end up on building limits.


I am not a fan of a ‘low’ limit but wtf is this. Why people build something like this. I really like to build and see nice constructions but this have no sense…

Is there something in the new rules against this? I mean its ugly but in my eyes not against the rules?

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This is why I keep saying that the spirit of the rules is more important than the letter. You could argue that this is technically not against the rules because of the shrines, but the intent of the builder is clear from this screenshot: extend the claim so people can’t build there. Anyone who argues otherwise is not arguing in good faith.

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Ok that is good to hear.
And yes you’re right. That buildings make no sense so I agree with you, that this is against the rules.

But the only way to know this rules is this forum. And the only way to do something against this is zendesk… Maybe there should be a info message about the new rules like that one for the summer decay timer.

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Sadly this is the state of a lot of official servers. I hope you make a report so that it can be cleaned up, for the sake of the community.

I genuinely wish I could emphasize with these people, it would make dealing with this stuff less annoying. To me it just looks like taking advantage of FC’s hesitancy to limit all players and preying on the (IMO) inefficiency of the report/ban system.


Stop playing on official server and play on private server that actually enforces rules … no offense to you player that wanna play officially. It just without them actually deciated a team that is actively looking into it and being a server regulator game master.

shameless plug for my idea

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Many have suggested an upkeep. But there may be too much coding to redo to ever see it. That is a decision that had to be implemented early in development unfortunately:/

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A cap limit would most likely not stop spams like above. This type of spam uses very few blocks (although in this case with its weird layout has used more than other spams) since they are just layering the ground with 1 foundation in most cases which can go very far distances. Lets say a zone block is 500 blocks (I think its less but do not recall the estimated number). So a person feasibly can spam 2 zone blocks with roughly 1,000 blocks in a fairly straight line. So putting a limit, lets say 1,000 blocks will not stop this silly spam concept and hinder majority of the players with the very low block number.

Probably a better idea, is a player is not allowed to go beyond 250 block distance from one edge to the back edge. (50% of a zone block) They could cover 25% of a zone block at most. I am using that as an example. Note, clans will complicate the issue so lets keep it to single players in the discussion for now.

Added note, this avoids the flag idea where you build around a placed piece. Issues with that is, if you placed the piece to the east then someone on the east builds over in that area, totally blocks your construction since your flag range is limited by then.

Also, this idea does not exclude a player having a secondary base although would have to smaller. Fishing / Thrall Hunting / Harvesting Camp in another location is common for many players. Its highly unlikely you would build in a spot that has all your resources you want so you end up having a second location to cover that issue. The 2nd base would have a smaller build range though.

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I always hear this advice Dragoon but I can say that in my experience, 20+ private servers later, they all suck unless you are the Admin/it’s private.

One of two things always happens to me, either an admin is nosing through my base or their smurfs are raiding it because they think I’m inactive (or because they are just devious).

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