Songs i hear when i play SWL

so every offtopic forum need a thread like this :wink:

so share Songs here did you hear when you play SWL :wink:

i starts with with


Linking this here, even has a youtube playlist collection of it all:

ah ok srry missed this one :frowning:

There is enough room for two threads concerning swl. Just thought I dump all the songs that people came up with here to even if it’s more a characterthemes thread than a what I/We listen too during play.

Metric — Gold, Guns, Girls


IQ - Ten Million Demons

So much Secret World imagery in the lyrics.

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From the department of strange musical tastes and vaguely disturbing lyrical interpretations:
Leonard Cohen - In My Secret Life
John Lennon - Imagine

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I have a love for all things weird.
Paduri story anyone?
iamiwhoami - t.o.y - from their live concert broadcast over the net with only one lucky winner to be the “Chosen one” in attendance.


Fusang (and beer)

Stonehenge (and beer)

El Dorado (back then… you know)

Well I like to hear a recital of the Raven from the brilliant and obscure Edgar Allan Poe like represetig my character theme and I like hearing Kiss fr massacres of zombies, demons and all type of filth.
And some of electronic music or anime themes while walking through dangerous places and Kaidan.

For me fits better for fighting vampires in the abandoned houses, castles and forest fortress. Like VampireHunter with a cool Van Hellsing fashion style. The last girl reminds me more to Mara or a white haired Lilith.

Static-X — Cold (Transylvania)


Every time I’m in South Africa…

We’re all made of stars
We’re all made of light
You won’t make a difference
Try as you might

Joy Division - New Dawn Fades


Another ‘We are all made of stars’;

People they come together
People they fall apart
No one can stop us now
'Cause we are all made of stars

Personal headcanon: The Moby bouncing around in The Secret World is part of the Morninglight. Probably Favored.

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Rotersand — Speak To Me

This song could be Kurt “Buster” Kuszczak’s theme.

For those loooong hauls in Stonehenge.
Retro darkwave horror synth, ’it came from the 80’s…'.
Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Almost the perfect Secret World song. Right down to the don’t wanna open up my mouth.

melodic black /death metal

Haiduk - Death Portent

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