Themes for characters


So I thought: Which songs fit which character ingame. Everyone can enter suggestions what they think fits characters best:

For example:

John - Toxic Love (Ferngully):

Brothers Blaga - Born to the Fight (Waylander):

Unnamed female phoenician agent in Venice sinking - Sinnerman (Nina Simone):

Hemitneter - Gladius (Domina):
It’S sounds like she means as much trouble as she is…smiteing cultists all day long.

Eblis - Dante, Casarma Treloch (Dantes Inferno):
I feel like it makes him at least feel as dangerous as he should be and portraits how he looks down on you ready to kill you on your first wrong move.

Machine Tyrant - Excessum Alighiero (Dantes Inferno):

Looking forward to many cool entries.

Songs i hear when i play SWL
Novels in the style of TSW ? / [FR] Des romans ressemblant à TSW?

Richard Sonnac - Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)
And you know what? Magnolia Éclair fits too, if you ask me.

Edit: Now with working links!


Jack Boone - Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys


Freddie Beaumont - Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

Lily Engel - Storytime - Nightwish


Also, while not really character-specific, I always felt ■■■ Murder Party ( would probably be played LOUD during an Illuminati party.


I don’t think you’ll get any argument on this one. It’s perfect.


I expect some pushback on this, but…



That. Is. Perfection.

Speaking of which;



Cassandra King

Nighthawks by Whitehorse


Daimon Kiyota - Mighty Long Fall


Wicker and Sacharissa

“SUMMER DRESS” by July Talk


If we’re doing couples, this song always reminds me of Richard Sonnac and Gozen:

OC ReMix #2411: Shenmue ‘Amorelle’ [Cherry Blossom Wind Dance] by Radiowar
I dunno. I always figured their time together as really adorable, if not somewhat melancholy.
(One of these days I will find out how to embed videos.)


Already covered, but I am pretty sure that Theodore Wicker thought


Alina Florea - Oro Se do Bheatha Bhaile - Sinead O’Connor


I guess there are few other options for Mephistopheles:


The Dminirs - Formidable Marinade

The Vampire Hunter - Goodnight Demon Slayer

Eleanor Franklin - Demon Kitty Rag

Dr Klein - If I Told You Once

The Plastic Surgeon - Something Here Does Not Belong

Lilith - When You’re Evil


And of course for everybody’s favorite launderateur (Dave Screed) we have


Hayden Montag : Putney Dandridge - Skeleton in the Closet

Sam Krieg : Django Reinhardt - Minor Swing



pet shop boys opportunities (let’s make lots of money)


Faust Capital CEO

Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil