Ricky Pagan's Boombox songs

Hi all,
I have been wondering whether the five boombox songs are available somewhere. Surprisingly, even the SWL music project seemingly only has found one song. It seems these songs have been created for the game.
(I am not allowed to include links,but by music project I refer to the reddit thread /r/SecretWorldLegends/comments/6kdrtb/songs_used_in_secret_world_wip/ )

Any ideas if these songs are available somewhere?

Thankful for any hints.

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I played the point & click game “the raven” a couple of months back and one of ricky’s boombox songs was used in the first 10 minutes of gameplay there too. I cant remember which of the songs it was though, but maybe you can have a look in the game credits there too. Or maybe see if you can run the credits on tsw or swl game and look for the music/sounds section. The raven is from 2013 iirc.

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