Welcome to Kingsmouth - An Album Based on The Starting Zone (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Hi, Secret Worlders! My name is Brandon, but when it comes to music I’m known as Twin Fang. I’ve loved this game for a few years now. Everything from the cinematics to talking with characters and learning about them to the unique missions and styles that I’m given. The community is also one of my favorites of all time, and I’ve had nothing but good experiences with most people around.

All that given, I was inspired at the start of the year to produce an album completely based on Secret World Legends - specifically, Kingsmouth, as the impact the area has on your impression is one of the best I’ve had in any game, and especially in a massively multiplayer game.

The genre is instrumental Hip Hop, with its roots in piano melodies and interludes that have some of the biggest characters in the area speaking - We’re talking Deputy Andy, Sheriff Bannerman, Scrapyard Edgar, Che, and Madame Roget. They all hit closer to home than I’d expect with some of the things they’ve said, so I wanted to put them into music form, in an album you can listen to intently or just throw on in the background.

The album was released on the day of the relaunch itself, June 26th, for the anniversary. So not too long ago! And since I know a fair amount use the forums, I figured I would share this music here. There’s a link for SoundCloud, YouTube, and Bandcamp (Bandcamp being the download location as well).

I hope that if you enjoy SWL, or Kingsmouth, that you’ll give this a listen. If you do enjoy it, please tell me your favorite track! I want to make a music video based on one of them.

Much love to this community. Thank you for the last few years. Here are the links.






As someone who started in SWL, entered the starting zone of Kingsmouth and went “I’m home!” This feels really special. Damn these are some good tunes.


Thank you so much. This was an attempt to recreate the feelings I had when I first stepped into Kingsmouth, and my very first thoughts entering the zone way back. I’m glad you enjoy them and I’m glad it feels special. Much love to you.

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Thanks for this. It really saved me!

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