Soooo dungeon building items...I'm intrigued

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Sure would be nice if some content providers got a sneak peak on that so they could quickly promote the crap out of it.

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Had more but the system only lets me do 3.

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There aren’t that many pieces to promote really, are there?
A foundation, wall, window, doorframe, door, ceiling.
That’s about it.


Because it’s a supplement not a full separate set…so any content should show it side by side with the other building sets.

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But what sets does it even match?
It’s dark and cold.
Slightly wet looking.
With a texture like sandstone.

Much darker than Arena, possibly on par with Black Ice, but even reinforced stone looks warm compared to it.
Perhaps it can supplement Frontier?
It would be excellent for a cellar, but we don’t dig in this game.

I could use it as is because of that alone
From the pics, I believe both maps have some spots that this would be perfect.

There are caves that you can line to make it sharp. Heck I’m thinking keyhole or eastern barracks would really be cool with this.


New building pieces are nice , but its too much for what little you get and what your able to mix it with. Also nice thing they done with the battlepass , they show of the cool stygian commander in every battlepass tier and even promo art , guess the sets in the battlepass right? Right? Wrong its standalone bazarr gear . They seriously need to take inspiration from other companies like jesus what are they doing .

Thank you @smskcntr . Definitely changes my perspective of use (not souch pvp because all the spots I know are too thin for foundation walls but I’m still looking at getting it. I build too many basements not to and the grating looks cool af.

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is the set disabled? i bought it but can’t build it. It doesn’t even show up in my construction hammer but does show up in my knowledge menu and on the bazaar it shows i purchased it.

The walls and ceiling pieces are just foundations unlike every other build set theyve ever released. There isnt much usefulness to the set in my opinion. Anyone else see it this way?

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Niche utility. Like, literally. You build in a cave or recession where you can have a cellar without “outer walls”.

Or maybe you can build a Borg cube out of them.

There’s also something claustrophobic about those narrow doorway tunnels. There may be some creative use to them.

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