Sorcerer NPCs should cast spells

Researching a ritually sacrificed dead body is cool and all, but at the end of the day sorcerers are just dagger-spamming piñatas for spell pages and skulls. It should feel dangerous and (slightly) challenging to fight against sorcery.

How cool would it be if they cast a random spell before engaging you? Give them a battle pass orb to cast so when you start a fight, they can instant-cast a spell before engaging you with their daggers.

And sure, an argument could be brought up that if a sorcerer casts lightning, or zombie fog, it’ll mess with their fellow thralls. To this I say: Yes! As they should! They’re sorcerers! Empathy for their fellow human is a foreign concept (But maybe save those for tier 4s).


True, NPC class doesn’t affect how they fight aside from having preferences toward one weapon type or the other. But I don’t think there are many offensive spells they would have to draw from. The only ones I can think of off the top of my head are the ones that summon lightning or zombies, and I don’t think either would be well-received.

That said, nothing to stop FC from implementing spells that NPC thralls could use. They could apply debuffs like cripple, bleed, or sunder as a spell rather than with their weapon. Or they could potentially summon a single ally to fight with them, one that would vary depending on the faction. Desert dogs summon werehyenas, Yoggites summon a skeleton/wight, etc.

No idea how difficult it would be to program into the game and properly balance, but it would add more to sorcery encounters.

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Good idea. Suggestions that should be easy to implement:
Roll 1d6:
1: When a Sorcerer is attacked, a number of zombies spawns around him, one for each tier.
2: As before, but undead hyenas.
3: Sorcerers get a 10 seconds immunity shield every 20 seconds.
3: The sorcerer’s daggers cause poisoning.
4: The sorcerer throws gas and fire orbs.
5: The sorcerer spawns 1d6 identical copies.
6: The sorcerer transforms into (roll 1d6 again): 1: Avatar of Broguk, 2: Giant Spider, 3: Giant Snake, 4: Giant Crocodile, 5: 100 normal spiders 6: Moon Beast

True most spells are utilitarian in nature but I still think spells like darkness, magma wall, invisibility, etc even if they don’t directly damage the player could still lead to more interesting gameplay

100 normal spiders would be rad. But also, the newbie starter camps on Siptah could become a potential fustercluck of a mess. Some contain 4 sorcerers in 1 spot.

400 spiders, though…

Yeah, okay, a lesser amount would be more reasonable. It would look cool, though. Dream big!

I wouldn’t mind, personally. Also that sounds like a skittery-scratchy dream.

Definitely not, lol. We already have those pain in the butts at the RHTS camps in the city.

Pretty cool, actually. I like this idea :smiley:

Absolutely not.

Knocking out sorcerers is an important gameplay mechanic, and you can’t knock out monsters.

It’s already a pain in the ass to hunt for a T4 sorcerer until it spawns, I don’t want to add to that a 1 in 6 chance to have to kill it because the game decided to roll a “haha, eff you” roll.

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That would be a way for pve folks to fight actual sorcerers. Because they aren’t more than cultists with daggers when it comes to combat…

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I see the first sorcerer I come across magically killing my game and causing it to crash indefinitely.

May I also suggest that they scale by tier? I mean, a T1 sorcerer might more or less be considered an amateur who only just started slitting throats on a sacrificial altar as a hobby, but when you get to the T3s and T4s, now you’re talking folks you might expect to be fully capable of conjuring a lava wall or plunging the area into darkness.



Does that mean t1 fighters should run away?

Quite a few of the AI opponents should learn to run away. I don’t know about you, but if I saw 10 people brutally murdered in as many seconds, by a single dude swinging a big-ass axe, I definitely wouldn’t growl “your heart will be eaten” and charge. I would piss my loincloth and run the fuсk away screaming. :smiley:


No that’s just it. T1’s are the beginning stages where you think you are all that. It would be ‘i can take him. I know karate and have a yellow belt…yellow so he’s in deep trouble.’

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Well there’s no real need to go so far as to make them run away, though it might make things interesting. But I think they already stop shy of completing a four strike combo, for example, which would more or less reflect a relative lack of skill compared to the higher tiers.

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How about transforming nearby branches into snakes? Or threatening to toss a poisonous scorpion at us? That’s stuff from Thugra-Khotan’s playbook.


That last person has nowhere else to go. They were just trying to live in peace in this hellish landscape, and after eking out a meager existence with their newfound friends, nay, newfound family, a stranger rides in and destroys this new life that they had struggled so hard to build. No, sir, tis better to die and join their lost friends in the bosom of Derketo than to live life as a lonely coward.

I’ve also always found it odd that no one bats an eyelash while you drag some poor soul through the streets by his or her ankles.

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