Sorcery Suppressed

Though if they did that I would like to see more projectile enemies and bosses have distance attacks to prevent just climbing the whole way through the dungeon.


I think it might be due to people cheesing vaults and such with invisibility. Could be wrong though.

AFAIK, summon an ice bridge to access the Well of Skelos boss is the only way you get to meet him.
You go a normal route, then 99% he won’t show up.


You can pretty much just run through most of the Vaults anyway. To prevent use of invisibility spell (aka The best spell) they could add some invisible barriers which would dispell active spell effects. It would also make sense lorewise, since Vaults themselves are created with magic by creatures who knew a thing or two about it. Before degenerating into beasts, that is

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One can hope that this is a mistake from the devs and they will rectify it.

I am also completely against the idea of suppressing sorcery in dungeons.


Unfortunately, this is not a mistake, in addition, it seems they plan to ban magic even in some areas in the open world.

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Maybe make guards that can detect the invisibility spell. Spirit guards or creatures that can smell you or something similar.


I agree. I’m just getting into sorcery, and discovered that it was really fun to use the mining spell in the silver mine, and that dungeons are some of the best places to use the slow fall spell. Then today I just get “The sorcery is suppressed here.” It sucks to see something so cool come out and then just be like “NO, you can’t use this anywhere it really matters.”
I understand if there are a couple specific uses that are bypassing intended challenges, but also… isn’t the point of sorcery to give alternative ways to accomplish things? This feels incredibly heavy handed, and is sucking the fun right back out after I just got back into the game because there is fun new content and ways to play. Seems like a knee-jerk “what if none of this is actually balanced!?” decision to some powers that are already fairly limited and also expensive and tricky to unlock.
It seemed like the game was moving toward allowing different playstyles and methods of getting through fights or things, different attribute combinations, etc. Hopefully they aren’t backpedalling that too far.


Exactly. Since it’s not really combat magic, but utility magic, letting players actually utilize the utility should not be too much asked.

Does magic trivialize some dungeon challenges? Maybe it does. So let it. Magic is already situational enough as it is, so let it shine in the handful of situations where it’s actually useful.


Hmm, the only issue I see with allowing unlimited sorcery in dungeons would be in scenarios would allow players to circumvent large and significant portions of that dungeon. Off the top of my head, there’s the Warmaker, Well of Skelos, and the Dregs that have areas or mechanics that you could easily skip with either climbing or the ice bridge.

I think it would be more reasonable to ban certain spells, either in specific dungeons where they would affect the core gameplay or simply in all dungeons. CE benefits from how its climbing ability gives us some much appreciated verticality, but even that needed to be removed from dungeons in order for those encounters to work properly.

Hopefully this is just a stop-gap measure while they work out a better solution. The inability to climb doesn’t affect gameplay all that much in a dungeon, but the inability to use sorcery at all is just too limiting and too restrictive.

Wha? Sorcery is being used to make dungeon crawling easier? SAY IT AIN’T SO!

So if I am reading all of this right, the new update has banned sorcery from being useful in dungeon challenges when it was used before. If right, WTH? So on the PVP side of things, there is a cry out to be more useful, but at the same time you got a dev team that is reducing function because it’s too useful?

SMH, you just cant make this up.


I struggle to find use for sorcery outside roleplaying. Devs please stop with the unnecessary nerfs.


Again, this is precisely what some of the sorcery abilities are for. Invisibility is ONLY useful in avoiding mobs. Its useless in pvp. Its a strange double standard to first give and then take.

Im a huge fan of the IDEA of sorcery. I want to be Thulsa Doom instead of Conan. I know sorcery isn’t all that great in many aspects, and I wish the useless spells would get fixed to actually have a use. (especially the bugged one: reveal corruption) Even the light spell is just strictly worse than a normal torch.

I don’t understand what the incentive is for me to have a character that focuses on Sorcery, if I cannot use Sorcery in dungeons and other areas.

For characters with Sorcerer type builds it seems to me that they will have all negative effects of a being a Sorcerer with none of the positives when in these areas.

That does not seem balanced to me.

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the actual ****

I would REALLY REALLY now want to hear the rationale of devs on this and what do they actually expect sorcery to be and do.

Its like it was introduced by a completely different people than who are in charge of it now. This isn’t what I bought in for.

What is going on??!

I think they just really like to create useless things in the game. And if something happens to be useful, they will definitely fix it. I’m generally waiting for them to remove “corpse summoning” from the Circle of Power.

There are a number of threads atm that I would like feedback from the devs on…

I don’t play PvP, so I don’t have any experience with how the spells’ utility differs between PvE and PvP.

But don’t get me wrong, sorcery should absolutely be allowed in dungeons, either in whole or in part. But I can kind of see why the devs wouldn’t want to let players use sorcery to just skip parts of the dungeon so easily. After all, a lot of work went into design and programming.

I think there has to be some kind of middle ground where people can actually use the sorcery mechanics the devs implemented without making large sections of the dungeons obsolete/superfluous. But as someone who hasn’t dabbled much with sorcery myself, I don’t really have a lot of good ideas for where that middle ground is.

Only real things I can spitball here are 1.) allow some spells in dungeons but not others [you can debate which ones should/shouldn’t be allowed], or 2.) potentially creating more spells that would be useful in dungeons. For that second one, FC could introduce combat-focused spells similar to Summon Lightning but using differing elements (fire, ice, normal damage, armor piercing, etc.). Both would give sorcery practical utility in dungeons without allowing players to easily circumvent entire swathes of the area.

Just throwing things out there. Sorcery should be allowed in dungeons, and I think we’re still experiencing some growing pains with the mechanics of it all. For now, might as well keep throwing ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Boggles the mind why they would ban sorcery instead of making adjustments to the dungeons instead to limit its power (ie. Sorcery detecting mobs, sorcery dampeners (ice bridge. I for one seen this nerf coming though as climbing was no possible in dungeons)

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