Sorry, don't want to be insulting

but the more I play Siptah I think “what a cheap showmanship”. Reminds me of Bela Lugosi and Ed Wood. Just a comment of my personal impression. Cheap. Showmanship. omg.

There is a stone with writing, but it isn’t to read. But i have creatures around me attacking and many effects. Playstation comes to life. You look into it and find… nothing besides some creatures i slay. Effects…effects…effects. Nothing behind. Might impress some 12 yrs old. It is like witcher 3. I explore the landscape and find… nothing. 3 or 4 documents about lore. You explore to find lore and find bore…ing.
Cheap effects, annoying noises, spawning enemies, not bad for a console game. 2010 i would have been impressed. oh wait. its 2020.


You need to lay off what ever you been smoking :joy:

You can’t really compare witcher 3 to conan exiles…two completely different genres. Or do you classifiy all as “games” and judge them by graphic fidelity and sound quality only? :joy:


Looking at the other survival games (Ark, Atlas, etc), CE actually looks pretty good. Comparing The Witcher with CE is not even worth commenting on. It is like comparing LoL and CE.


Once again:

This sum up to nothing really.

There is something we call rhetoric manipulators, and this one is heavy on that. Besides that, no objective concrete reasoning, just plain old “I dont like it therefore this is bad”. Which is in itself a manipulator, like those people who try to dissuade others from having or enjoying something because they wont or cant.


Your personal attacks don’t care me. It is indeed the normal way nowadays how fanboys act in forums.

3.3 per cent of players reached the Tower
most other steam achievements look the same. To say that other EA projects are even worse (which I believe) is no argument for a DLC sold for €20 which is simply bad up to now.

I rode for 3 hours with my horse thorugh the landscape and found nothing remarkable than empty ruins and many enemies. And annoying sounds. I understand that this map was concepted for pvp, and indeed, as there are not those many places to find stuff it is a nice ganking scenery. For people who like ganking.
But even the PvP guys seem not to be really satisfied.

I ask myself what has this DLC to be worth €20? And at the moment I see nothing. Sure it is EA and this is just a comment for the developer like a normal PVE player feels when playing the map. And as most of steam achievements lay at 3-4%, even for simple stuff, I mean… what else could be best said…

Critic, if critic should be done, is not to turn someone down, it is to inform that there should be something done. And this DLC is really bad and uninteresting at the moment. I for myself ask me why someone publishes such a product for such a money…?


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There are no personal attacks in my post. Only yours.

Never mentioned you as a person to make any statement. I made an statement about what you said, to which I disagree, both with the main concept and the reasoning. And I established that same such kind of not reason based rhetoric is in your previous posts as well. I am talking about your ideas in your posts, not about you.

You are entitled to your opinion, but that opinion does not represent reason or logic, it is merely a opinion, to which I never actually said anything.

My post refers to your argument of that being either a technical, or “social”(true sense of the word, in the sense that it is an analysis of societal rules, behaviors or structures, not in any sense like Social Justice or social equality for example).

I have the right to disagree with you, and the way you articulate your posts without even recognizing you as an specific individual.

I would have said the same if I knew all your posts were generated by a “lucky random word generator”.

“No ofense”, but I dont care enough to random people in the forum to acknowledge or comment on their person.

Just talking about ideas.


Three whole hours? :scream:

Seriously, what exactly were you hoping to find? Lore? It’s scattered all over the map. Bosses? Plenty of them around. Dungeons? Right now there are 14 vaults, and I imagine they’ll be adding more stuff. Caves? There are at least 3 big ones. Unique enemies? I’ve heard of at least one. Unique loot? There’s plenty of that, too.

So what, exactly, is your big complaint? “I paid €20 for an unfinished product and I’m already bored” is understandable, but do you really expect people to sift through a confusing word pile just for that insight?

And you’ve done that only in the most narrow sense. It’s like walking into a village, looking around you for 5 minutes, and shouting “I don’t like it here, you should do something about it.”


I will not argue with you on a personal level as this is exactly what you want to get the thread deleted;)
Anyone with open eyes knows what I mean. And look at steam reviews… They show exactly the same.

Siptah is like MMO but worse. Grinding. Better play TESO. Also not good but much better.
What I was hoping to find? YOu see this is not an MMO. I found stones with writing on it, but only decoration. Nothing to read. Instead mobs spawn. Fight fight fight. For what? Nothing really senseful.
Was there something interesting. No. Just a few mobs. And this describes the whole isle. Rest is grinding of dungeons to get stuff. These are bad MMO mechanisms. End of story. I don’t argue with you on a personal base. If there isn’t more to find and you think it is enuff, this is not to recommend and the money spent is a waste. And I sure wasn’t 5 minutes somewhere. This complete Siptah is a grinding orgy. Like the new grinding mechanism for oil. This leads into nothing. If I want a bad grinding game I play MMO. MMOs are much better as tehy have much better scalable dungeons aso. The company is on a bad trip with this game.

Then don’t. Nobody’s asking you to do so. And I’m not attacking you personally, either, so I’m not sure why you’re accusing me of baiting you to get the thread deleted.

Okay, so you don’t like that particular… place, encounter, whatever the hell it is. I haven’t found that one yet, so I’m not sure. Frankly, it would’ve been a lot more interesting to read about it: where to find it, what’s there and why you think it sucks.

But instead, you found one thing you didn’t like and you decided to extrapolate it to the whole map:

No. It doesn’t. It describes what you found. In 3 hours, according to what you wrote.

Yeah, I’m not a fan of grind, either. Farming is something I can live with, but grinding because of slot machine mechanics is my pet peeve. And there’s certainly a lot of that on Siptah.

That’s the thing – there is more to find. You just haven’t found it yet. To be honest, I haven’t found all of it, either.

And hopefully they’ll add more stuff, too. That’s basically why I spent $20 on it in the first place, because that way I pay less because I bought it unfinished, but I get the full product when they finish it without having to pay extra for it. The best thing is that if I get bored with what it’s like right now, I can go back to Exiled Lands and wait until they finish Siptah, and come back to see what it’s like, without paying more.

That doesn’t mean you or anyone else should be satisfied with that. But one of your questions was “why pay €20 for this” and this is my answer :slight_smile:

That has nothing to do with Siptah. That change applies to whole Conan Exiles, both Siptah and Exiled Lands. Everyone’s stuck with that change.

And honestly, it’s more than a bit weird. It’s downright confusing, because it fails at every single of its stated goals. Did it reduce fish trap spam? Hell no, people are still spamming them and cluttering up rivers, only now they’re spamming compost heaps, too. Did it get rid of passive resource production? Nah, that’s why people are spamming compost heaps. Did it reduce the strain on the server? Um, not really, because 10 fish traps should strain the server less than 10 fish traps plus 10 compost heaps.

Funny, I play Conan Exiles because I don’t like MMOs. And if you believe MMOs are “much better”, then I suspect you’ll never like Conan Exiles. I played New World beta this year, for example, and I loathed it. It’s even more grindy than Conan Exiles, but you don’t get any meaningful choices from that grind.

At the very least, Conan Exiles gives me some choices about what to grind and what to do with the rewards of that grind. MMOs are just grind for more loot and more XP so you can level and go down the tech tree so you can grind better…

EDIT: I changed the bit where I said “nobody’s attacking you” because I skipped over the reply that did get somewhat personal in its use of idioms :wink:


I mean

What a weak response. The author of the thread expressed some opinions on the game, fine, but to attack him straight off because he dares invalidate your bubble of bias?

Last month 2,365 accounts stopped playing Conan. This month, 10 days in we have 1,316 more accounts abandoning the product, thats almost 50% of the total months loss in the first 10 days of this month.

Maybe… just maybe… feedback like what the author is attempting to express holds actual merit.

So maybe the substance abuse isn’t the issue here :wink:

erm… did you skip the first response? if so…read above this quote of quotes. It was very attacky…

Conan and Witcher are priced equally the same. Why can’t that be a comparison?

Oh wait… lets wait for the pitty parade on Funcom being poor studio compared to say The Witcher 3?

In fact if you add up all the DLC’s for The Witcher 3 and compare to Conan Exiles, you’d pay more.

Crazy…to think… a little bit of data changes your narrative so quickly.


Who’s “We” and did you study this or just parroting your workshop notes from a Manipulative Rehetoric workshop? … :laughing:

You can compare Conan Exile with Witcher 3 because they’re both RPGs.
You can compare the talent/perk system, gear customisation, NPCs combat AI, sandbox level design, game optimisation, the crafting and alot more.
Conan Exiles got some things right, and that’s the reason we love and play this game.
When a game like Witcher 3 comes out, it raises the bar, the expectations are higher and in a competitive industry people often want the best quality in exchange for their money.
Saying that Conan Exiles and Witcher 3 are totally different games, means you live inside your own bubble.
Without posts like this, the developers won’t strive to improve their game.

This is my opinion that I don’t force on others.
Best regards.


Go play fortnite then, ggwp :^)

You can’t compare this game to a title like the witcher, its not even the same genre.
Maybe the Sanbox-Survival is not for you, who wants constant action and a lineal story to follow.

Actually, yeah. I did. My apologies, I’ll go fix my reply.


Seriously? Offensive? xD I am just shaking my head because of how ridiculous that accusation is…
I abuse substances too and I don’t neccesarily see it as a terrible thing so I would never have seen this as an offensive remark…

So yeah, it was light banter… hence why I added the smiley…

Anyways, back on topic:
Somehow I also have the feeling that you have no idea about what developing a game means. Different genres need different development focus. Single player (offline) vs multiplayer (online) etc…

Of course an RPG will be similar or also borrowing from other RPGs but that does not mean that you can 1 to 1 compare them?
Yes, you can compare a tesla and a mercedes because they both use wheels (coming from the car category) but are you seriously going to go in to the fine details and try and compare the inner workings? Of course you would not. Obviously, we can compare the price again…but that goes back to whatever YOU feel is worth YOUR time/money and that should NOT be compared between people.

Going back to CE vs W3: Yes you could compare them, but at the same time CE is NOT a story driven game, despite having the RPG tag. While CE has elements of a themepark (attributes, levels) it lacks everything else a themepark game like W3 has, such as linear progression within story and environment (map exploration tied to story).
CE is classified as a sandbox where you can build stuff and play alongside up to 40 ppl in a server.

Now just focusing on these two difference, it should be apparent already why you would not compare these two games in depth. So I reiterate, yes, you can compare prices and see whats worth to you more because at the end of the day its your time and your money you gotta judge if its worth it or not. But this is a very subjective comparison and there is no right or wrong.

Way to self deprecate man, you need to get some help, but that is just my unprofessional opinion :blush:

Also don’t lump codemages stance and tone with mine. If he felt he offended somebody, then it’s his call to retract his statement.
I clearly explained myself, how I did not try to insult pointlessly but light heartedly jabbed at his logic to compare two very different games.
But sure, go on an insult yourself as a snowflake because with your toxic reply you confirmed that…

Conan Exiles like Witcher 3?
who? where? what? when? why? how?

Oh I wish it would be also a bit similar to that game…


About anything said in that post I would never really end reading because it is more convoluted than its worth:

"If criticism to your ideas or your opinions somehow hurt your personal feelings or sensitivities, it is not someone offending you, but you offended by yourself."

About other topics risen, it still the same thing:

Some people like blue, some people like red, if you can only have one color, you will always displease someone. In economics we learn that most solutions come from handling how much you can handle the displeasing, disappointing or dissuading instead of seeking solutions to satisfy “everyone”.

That is an elaborate version of the same thing I said above: Complaints will always be done if we will complain about everything that displeases us in a setting in which we are not the only ones to share a same thing that cant be one for each. That is the theory behind Private and Public Goods, and its study, in regards to economic development. This is something very well known and studied, and has nothing to do with one person or a group of game players, as it is a concept that exists long before Adam Smith wrote the book nicknamed “The wealth of nations”.

Trying to imply there is a technical or absolute reason to displeasing, disappointing or dissuading things is the absurd part. Even if something causes any of the aforementioned reactions in every player, it is still a question of “public perception” and not technical reason. There is no technical reason to dislike yellow, or to think someone is ugly, etc.

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I hate games where there are whole bookshelves used as scenery, but I can’t pick just any book and start reading it. Game developers should write 2,000 novels and short story collections, as well as books of science and lore and history and stuff from an in-world perspective for me to read.

Instead, there are a small handful of “book” items that contain maybe 60 words apiece. Conan Exiles’s item descriptions alone contain more text than the sum total of books in many CRPGs.


Lol - one of the reasons* I’m not a game developer is that I’d probably wind up doing exactly that (or at least a decent description of what each book is/contains) and never finish the actual game :slight_smile:

(*another reason might be the fact that I have very little base programming knowledge or understanding of how to use most of the tools - probably somewhat detrimental to a career in that field :wink: )