Sound and music, ambient in bases/towns


I dont know if its mentioned before, but anyways id like to ask for some music in our bases and castles some of us have spent a lot of time building.
Also maybe jokers or other types of characters that do not need to be coded for anytrhing else, just a possibility to dress them for your liking/enviroment and toggle the different commands they have been given by you.

Point beeing that some big village is totally dead alltho you fill it with thralls because they are all fighters without any enemy most of the time.

Some ideas to liven up the enviroment:

Desert thralls should have musichians to toggle off/on suited for the enviroment.

Jungle should have big bad drums together with snake flute kind of thing etc.

In the north there should be kind of irish folk music, norwegian harding fele and such.

Different dances for different factions and gender.

Jokers and passive people just placed and added voice in different modes, happy, sad, yoyful or laughter etc.

All of them within their faction regarding both looks and dance/music style.

I would like more life in my willages, i have many thralls of all kind, set in the right place for the pve feeling, but i miss some action that is pre made, and music.
They may be passive in case of war, but just have the work of entertainment or day to day work.

Now, i know thralls numbers is close to breaking many servers, but the latest pet/thrall feed system will for sure get rid of the many passive thralls using all the cpu and memory of the servers.
And the models/animations i talk about is much more easy on the server load because they are pre made and not dynamic like the existing thralls are.
More like thralls in workstations i guess.

I ask, would it be possible to implement this kind of feature?
Especially when the thralls i talk about have pre made jobs thats just can be toggled by commands that are also pre made?

I know that it for sure will remove many of my fighter thralls just standing there for the looks of them doin nothing exept in war.
I see this a little bit like the pet system, but much more easy because they are pre programmed and stationary.

I would guess it would be a little model/animation work, thats about it.
Maybe a dedicated pve dlc?

Any thoughts on the matter is welcomed.

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I was going to suggest the creation of some kind of home or base music myself.

I built my first base near the pirate ship so the music is nice. My second base is in the frozen north so its a bit dull. It fits the ice and snow perfectly but not my warm base full of dancing thralls.

A set of songs and instruments thralls could play would be great.

I have one big question here… can I make a Star Wars Cantina band?

Hehe well, i dont know about the star wars theme, but a band, hell yes.

A scene and thralls playing would be great in my bar.

I mean, if i only could set up som stationarys by the campfire or something it would help a lot compared to the fighters/dancers we must use now that all act alike and dance the same way.

Music and dance that suit their faction.
This together with the correct faction armor/clothes would totally change the world and how we as players percept it.

Reminds me of how they did it in LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) many years ago. Since songs and music plays a pretty big part of the lore, your character could learn to play an instrument. You could then either play the notes yourself (and it was rather difficult!) or - and this was the genius part IMO - you could put MIDI files in, and your character would play the music “live” on their in-game instrument. Pretty amazing.

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