Soup (remove meat ingredient)

Soup should have feral meat removed from the recipe, and it should be replaced with plant fibers. It’s pretty silly when the most heavily used healing item’s lore states that it contains no meat when one of the components you just make it from has meat as the main ingredient.

Really?? Is this really true? :sweat_smile:

Aloe Soup is supposed to contain no meat. You make it from soup and aloe leaves, but the soup is nothing but feral meat, water, and salt.


Oh my gosh! :joy:


Poor vegans… :sweat_smile: Joking aside, you have a point there.

isn’t that the recipe for helbal thea already ?

Not really.

Hebal Tea: Aloe Leaves + Purified Water + Plant Fiber

What I am suggesting is this:

Soup: Salt + Purified Water + Plant Fibers
Aloe Soup: Aloe Leaves + Soup

(Side benefit of this is none of those ingredients expire as far as I know.)

It will be easier to correct the description


i like my soups with chicken broth :frowning:

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