Spawnable Set priest?

So I’m the admin of my tiny little private server, and am not above using the admin panel to spawn the thralls I need/want. (I spawn 'em hostile so I have to knock 'em down and drag them to the wheel, to make it “fairer”.) I’m running into some trouble getting a priest for my T2 Set altar, though. I read somewhere that Stygian priests should be Setites, but spawning the level 3 Stygian Exile Priest delivers an Archpriest of Mitra. I did a little searching & found a fella named “Ketmet” as a Purge spawn, so I spawned & thrall’d him…but the altar refuses to take him. Any tips on what I should be looking for?

Few of them around, (never used Set yet… so can’t help via admin panel) Blackhand has one in lower decks. (high priest) flips between Mitra also. (he/she tends were Set outfit, making obvious)

Relic Hunters spawn Set, Mitra and one other I thought.

Those are two I encounter enough in my travels.

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