Spawning WTF.. (have more characters) 🙄

If I have a bedroll and a bed, why on earth is desert a valid and often unskippable spawn choice.
You guys should be making closest spawn the default. :roll_eyes:
Perhaps 30 odd years of game design eluded you guys…

But for the record, I’m loving the game, it’s a 99%er but really, that last one % is in little details…

I bet by the time I get back to where I died I bet my corpse will be gone… as happened the last 3 times…
ironically this never happened in the start region…

Be happy and stay cool bananas…


Dessert should be worst option since you have a bed and bed roll to make life more easy

You can just remove your bracelet to kill yourself then choose where to spawn as soon as it resses you in the desert.

If you die to alcohol poisoning your thralls will not allow you to spawn in your bed.
Get sober in the desert first :).


I only have female Thralls for a reason…
The game doesn’t have craftable blankets… :crazy_face:
The fact that my avatar is female is beside the point… :yum:

But considering what you said, I’m guessing they need more wheel time… :triumph:


When I fell through the mesh one time and died after a long fall, I spawned in the desert (although I had a bed and a bedroll), I was NOT given the choice of spawnpoint!

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