Specific ISP causing connection issues?

Hello all, I’ve been troubleshooting a problem for a few days now and was wondering if anyone might have any insight.

I’m trying to connect to a modded private server (yes, great start, I know). The IP address is When I tracert to this IP, everything seems fine from what I can tell. I’ve got 0% packet loss over 100 pings, and I’m at 75 MS, which seems within tolerance for usual behaviour.

Yet connecting to the server is a nightmare. The loading screen takes over 7 minutes, and when I finally get in, it is glitched beyond belief. Building tiles have loaded, but no placeables have loaded, my character is usually invisible, and the ToT interface also does not load.

Strange, right? But it gets weirder. I do not have this problem when I tether to my 4G mobile hotspot.

When I use my mobile hotspot, the server loads absolutely fine with no issues. I’m in in under 40 seconds and everything is stable. Characters do not rubber-band (much) and everything spawns in as expected.

I have tried almost everything I can think of to isolate the possible cause of this problem. I’ve setup a static IP address, done port forwarding for CE, DMZed my router, tried plugging wired directly into my modem with no router, changed the DNS to cloudflare on my router. No dice. Nothing seems to work. I cannot make my home broadband behave in the same way as my 4G network when trying to connect to this server.

Obviously this behaviour can’t be replicated on other games. I’ve never seen something like this before. I have a ticket open with my ISP, but they don’t seem to understand the issue, and explaining conan exiles to their support staff will be a nightmare.

Does anyone have any other ideas I might not have tried yet? A VPN does not work, either. I tested this already.


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Does this happen on all servers or just this one?

Just a few tips from me that have helped me with various online games.

Disable IPv6

You can test if you are able to establish a connection to our service when IPv6 is disabled:

Go to the Control Panel.
Click Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings.
Select the connection for which you need to disable IPv6. For example:

To change the settings for an Ethernet connection, right-click the Ethernet interface and select Properties.
To change the settings for a wireless connection, right-click the Wi-Fi interface and select Properties.
In the window that appears, select the Networking tab.
Under This connection uses the following items,
remove the checkmark next to Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and then click OK.

In many cases, this fixes the connection issue. Should you find yourself still being unable to connect,
please move on to the next step.

Google DNS

It can happen that an Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) Domain Name Service (DNS)
is temporarily unable to resolve our URL into an IP.
To verify that this might be the case, we recommend switching to Google’s DNS.
To do so, simply go again to the Networking tab in the window from earlier.
This time, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.
In the new window that appears, select Use the following DNS server addresses:

The other problem that might be relevant is that they have a killer network card,
that needs to be configured in the Killer Control Centre according to application priorities.

Specifically just this one, yeah. Ones based in the EU I have not had the same issue on, nor on official servers. What’s weird, though, is that it’s only a problem with my specific ISP, so I’m not actually sure its an issue with the server itself, despite how that might seem.

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