[SPOILER] About those Wings we're supposed to earn at one point

When exactly is that point?? I’ve with my main character already finished Tokyo, and I’m not sure whether or not that is the orginal (pre-expansion) end, or an expansion itself. In any case, I’d forgotten about the Wings but I saw them mentioned somewhere, so I now do realize that I had in fact expected to receive them by now.

What went wrong? Or, what did I not understand correctly?

(Btw I cannot go into the game now. At my lovely cottage-in-the-country with only a laptop and a tablet that both cannot run the game.)

You get them at the end of the Kaidan tower. It should enable you casting the ultimate ability with the Z key.


Oww. I did finish that fight, so I presume I must have them… But itsn’t Z locked to your gadget?? Or, do the Wings replace the gadget? (I don’t hope so; I spent money on getting a good gadget).

Or wait maybe 3 is the gadget, originaly, and I changed it to Z… Too bad I can’t get into the game and have a look (but then again, if I could I’d probably be playing.)

If you look over your ability bar, you’ll see that something new was added when you finished Kaidan. It’s a charge guage plus ability tooltip so you know what it is and if its available for use.

Z is the default for it. The guage charges on ability use in combat (any kind of ability, as long as you are in combat when you use it).

There is also a new wardrobe tab, in case you want to buy a different color of wings—the ‘fake’ colored wings don’t have a sparkle particle effect so others will be able to tell if you’re wearing a different color than you earned.


Edit: X is not gadgets by default, C is the default key binding. (Thanks @Aeryl!)

If you binded Z to something else you may need go to Settings > Controls and set something there for ultimate ability. When there’s a button it will have it over ult icon:

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Hey now that mention that, I think it might have seen that… But i haven’t looked into it yet (and cannot do so until late in the evening or tomorrow morning) because I sorta forgot until I saw it mentioned on this forum somewhere.

(Have been too busy with New Dawn — of which I bought the Collector’s Edition a week before Funcom/Steam gave a 50% discount on it :frowning: — and also with leveling a new character.)

It’s not. By default, X toggles sprint. It’s been that way since TSW.

Gadgets are on C.

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Isn’t the Character window on C?

No, that was in TSW. The character sheet doesn’t have its own shortcut anymore by default, it’s opened with the inventory (i).

Hmm… Maybe I changed that as well. (I never played TSW so I am oblivious to that. But in WoW and SWTOR it’s ‘C’ so I can imagine I changed that in my initial days of getting to know SWL.)