Wrong Wings (Story Spoilers)

So, I’m a returning player from TSW and have recently finished replaying Tokyo and finally had my wings returned to me … only to find that they are the wrong colour.

I KNOW that I did everything right to make them gold, because my SWL choices were identical to the ones I made the first time around. I jumped off the cliff, spat at Flappy and fixed the prison - but for some reason I’ve now got blue wings. I’ve seen people with gold ones out in the world, so I assume you’re still meant to get them the same way?

After one hundred and eighty hours spent getting my character back to where she was before, I don’t really want to start again to get my wing colour right, and I’m not sure what I could do differently anyway. Is there anything to be done about this?

For 480au you can buy “wings of the alter ego”. I’ve not tried it myself, but it seems to permit the wings to be any color (dressing room, wings section).

I got gold wings for making the same choices as you so I’d maybe put in a support ticket if you’re not planning to buy all the colours anyway. @Tamtor is this something support can fix?

That’s easily checked. Each choice comes with a title. If all of yours say “of the Light” you should have gold wings. If even one of them says “of the Darkness” you made a wrong choice somewhere.

Gold Wings:

“the Caring of the Light”
“the Explorer of the Light”
“the Mighty of the Light”

Purple Wings:

“the Explorer of the Darkness”
“the Friend of the Darkness”
“the Violent of the Darkness”

Anything mixed and you get blue wings.

Is that even a thing? I’m pretty sure the only way to side with Gaia on this one is to attack.

I attacked him too, not heard of the spiting thing.

Do as Aeryl said and if you have all the “of the Light” ones then send a petition.

Also, as others already said, “spat at Flappy” seems the odd one, so maybe is where the problem is.

In addition to what the other posters said, also check your Dressing room, especially if you have grabbed other wings with other characters first.
Not entirely sure when and how different colors unlocks, but you can change the color now.

As shown by Allie here:

Bjond already said that:

Thanks for the replies and advice, everyone!

All my relevant titles are ‘of the Light’ so there’s definitely something wrong. I’m going to put in a support ticket.

For some reason I don’t have the option to buy extra wing colours in the dressing room interface, so I’ll mention that to support as well.

(Oh, and sorry for being confusing - I attacked Flappy after I spat at him. The spitting was entirely for roleplaying reasons.)

I missed the wings section myself in the dressing room and for the longest time thought your (one-time) choice in the missions was the only way to color wings.

It seems to appear only after you have wings and it’s the “wing” icon at the bottom left of the dressing panel (same column as weapon, hat, boots, etc).

There was a bug when the wings were first re-introduced where everyone wore the same default color until they ‘equipped’ the wings they had earned in the Dressing Room. The bug was fixed at one point, but it is possible it may have returned.

There are also 2 types of Wings in the Dressing Room; the ones you earned and the ones you can buy are separated in the menu.