Wings are wrong colour in cutscene

Has anyone else seen this on their own toons?

But my wings are supposed to be black, upon skipping this part of the cutscene i arrive at the top where i see these bright blue wings poof with their bright blue sparkly effect, but its too quick for me to grab a screenie.

I know that in the crossover from TSW to SWL they (For some unknown reason) thought that it was best to make all the wings do the same thing regardless of your choices and only the colour would represent your choices, but as you can see here it doesnt even do that.

So i’m guessing it has been “faux skinned” with the colours and underneath we are all bright blue wings.

If anyone else happens to have a screenshot of this particular part of the fight then i guess you could post them here lol

This offends me, I sided with the filth at every turn and here i see the mockery you make of my choices.


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Outrageous ! I will now hold my breath until this gets deal with an emergency hotfix :yum:


I’ve had to lay down its just too much.
Thank you for your support.

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