Spooky sweat suit


how you can buy the spooky sweat suit? or where it drop?

Thank You

When you browse an item in the dressing room, it will (almost) always tell you where you can obtain it.

For this item in particular, you need a time machine as it’s exclusive from The Secret World (or if you played TSW, and have it there, do a transfer):

Ha, I actually looked that one up last year! It was an item of the month in TSW, for October 2014 iirc (maybe 2013, not sure). That means it’s essentially a given it will never become available in SWL.

Well, unless someone can manage to convince Funcom that instead of just greedy mobile game convenience monetization, they could actually try letting new players pay for more cool cosmetics.

Don’t hold your breath; they haven’t even picked up on the idea of releasing the old issue CE vanity items as new CE vanity packs for the same price.


The bones on the sweatsuit even glow in the dark.