Stacks to testlive server

Good day, I would like to know. New stacks which are now on testlive will be added in the new patch 24.06.2019?

wich new stacks?

1000 metal 200 tar 200 and so on

1000 Metal?

When you say metal, do you mean ore, or do you mean smelted bars?

Because if it’s bars, great. If it’s ore, that’s just going to open a whole new round of PvP screaming about people taking ALL the ore by stacking 1000 per slot in bearers. Which, I might add, is a completely valid point.

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Currently on TestLive metal stack 1000 iron bar 1000 and other resources, go check out :slight_smile:

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I do not have the game on a platform where I can that. That’s why I asked if it was ore or bar.

I don’t think iron ore on thralls is much of an issue for the PvPers as most of them farm in encumbrance builds.

You do realize with the right path, one could get 100,000 ore from the key area, if not more. That would be only half their inventory slots, not counting thrall/pet.

Not sure how that negates the point, since it still means anyone can farm everything they find and prevent others from getting it.

I would like to stack the bars, but I don’t think the ore should go to 1000. 200 would be great though.

That was my original question. What stacks to what?

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That’s the very point of PVP. If you don’t want them to harvest everything and find yourself with the scrubs they left, kill them and get everything for yourself.

Here is a quick overview of the more popular resources


Don’t know if it 24.06.19?

Funcom intend to release the patch on 24th, yes.


we’re aiming to release the current Testlive patch live on all platforms on Monday as well (please note that the certification process could delay this on certain platforms)


Thx :*

Yeah looking very much forward to this bit. Maybe one day I can stop having a room dedicated just to storage chests! The oil one in particular is going to save me so much space!

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I’ll have so much free space when the patch’ll go live ! :smiley:

We’ll have so much more room for ACTIVITIES!**


Nudge nudge, wink wink, know what I mean…

could you imagine if they let us make bunk beds…entire clan stacked 10 high!!!

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