Stair Corner Pieces Do Not Snap Properly Anymore

Game mode: Online on Private Server
Problem: Possible Bug
Region: USA

When I logged onto my server today, I noticed that all my corner stair pieces were missing after the hotfix. I tried to build and snap new ones but they do not snap properly and they seem to be snapping to the inner part of a standard staircase instead of to the sides. Tried working with different tiers as well with the same resuts. I have a feeling I’m not the only one with this issue.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Built and attempted to snap sandstone, stonebrick, and black ice corner stair pieces
  2. Tried to snap the pieces on a completely new structure as well.

It’s not just you. This is a symptom of the “fix” they implemented with this patch, specifically: “Fixed a bug where certain building pieces could be placed inside each other.”

Somehow I doubt that they intend for all stairs to only function properly when all adjacent building pieces are placed at opposing 90-degree angles, but who knows if they will ever fix this “fix.” I personally reverted my vanilla dedicated server; this kind of (predictable, never-ending) BS is the reason I keep multiple persistent backups.

Many, many people employing even more creative builds lost everything with this patch.

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Yes I notice this also. It has delete all my stair corner already in place.

Totally agree with you ! While this fix fixed maybe some hacks and exploits, let’s hope, it frustrated lot of builders and players.

Same here on PC SP PVP live, just noticed this are you talking test live or live?

This is from the Standard Live Branch of patches and not Test Live.

The corner stair bug is confirmed in Live so we wait…