Stamina Changes and Thralls?

While such much more original builds should be rewarded instead. Everyone runs the same two or three builds. No wonder…

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Hopefully we’ll see some additional corrupted stats to round out the set so maybe corrupted builds aren’t left behind. I understand the devs point that it’s a choice you make but for people to make the choice, there need to be tradeoffs and the spells (for the most part) are not fun or engaging enough to make the trade if everything gets left as is in the upcoming patch, at least in my opinion.

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Would you believe I play on an official pvp server?

Btw, some reports said that the changes actually have the opposite effect than intended to combat; because AI opponents are still slow and stupid, pondering too
much what to do, a player can apparently dance circles around them now when the enemies also withstand less damage…

This however applies only to player character… I assume my thralls will be equally slow and stupid as the PVE enemies.

What is the SAV build?

Never mind Strength, Agility, and Vitality.

20 Strength, 20 Agility, 20 Vitality.

META build for PvP

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I had realized that much, thus the death wish comment, but you have my applause. I wouldn’t do it! :laughing:
Let’s hope they tweak the new AI during the testing period.
We need smarter npcs and thralls, not dumber!

For some time now. I wonder if this new stamina system will change anything…



OMG! :scream:
It will be corrected for sure! :laughing:

That’s what I thought when I saw on the stream that there were no more negative stamina. Roll and block indefinitely. yay! In addition, you should no longer fall to your death if you have no more stamina when climbing. It regenerates fast enough when falling down to be able to hold on again :stuck_out_tongue:

But so far these are only fears (except for the rolling, SirDaveWolf has confirmed that), I will try it right away.


yeah, something like this I expected when I saw the livestream.

You also now do not get punished anymore for draining your whole stamina while fighting. You just role away.

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I kept asking about any changes to thralls, but got no response on the stream. I was most concerned about damage output and weapon/armor degradation. I’m hoping that those things remain the same for thralls, but we’ll have to wait and see. If I’m forced to eventually place a rare weapon like a siptah transferred item on my thrall because it’s too degraded for me to use ever again (after repairing too much), I’d like it to remain as is on the thrall.

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They already hit like wet noodles. I was leveling a bearer just now and it’s a pain. Either I kill the efing monkey or she takes FOREVER to kill it.
I love the idea of war party, bringing two bearers, making build changes really count and striping naked the volcano in one go, but they suck so much at fighting I don’t know if I’ll have the patience.

Patch notes say that health has been reduced, not just for NPCs, but thralls also. And conversion time significantly reduced. I guess we should be expecting to lose thralls regularly and just have a steady stream of faceless damage sponges because “nothing lasts forever”. Definitely not liking this aspect.

Ah, I realize you mean weapon degradation in regards to thrall inventory. No mention of that in the patch notes.


Less health on thralls? What, are they trying to get rid if them for good? Because if they cut more on their health, they’ll serve for coat hangers and that’s it
They’re too much of a hassle to get combat ready if you are going to lose them often.



Agreed. What’s the point of farming an uber rare thrall that’s got great stats? Or maybe a super pretty thrall that’s your favorite? They already nerfed thralls once. Who tf asked for nerfing them again? Nobody.

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Nobody, but crazies. If they go ahead with this, there’s no way in hell I’ll ever play on official servers. Either privates that tweak off this nonsense or single player. Thralls are shit as it is. Too much trouble for what they are worth already.

I’ll still play since I don’t like private servers, but this I really don’t like. Hopefully they’ll remove this feature. I’d much rather have longer breaking times and stronger thralls than the alternative. My thralls are more than faceless pawns. I give each one a name and title.


We will see. I already stopped playing on officials (with rare exceptions) because of the last nerf. This would put the last nail in the coffin for me. Either privates or sp. On console we don’t have many options when it comes to private servers. It’s a shame.

I’d much rather they incorporate the suggestion of having to pay for your keep with your hoard. Bigger base, more thralls, more deductions. If you can’t pay up, thralls start defecting, lol

Seriously though, I don’t always grab thralls for whoever is the best but for who I like or who fits the style of base I have. I’ll just end up never using them if they won’t survive, even with proper preparation.