Stamina issues with jumping

Patch notes state that jumping was increased to 8 points for a single jump, but jumping has a cost of 20 points for a single jump

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Greetings @YawatanoKami ,

Thank you for sharing this with us!

I’ve already shared this with our development team so they can investigate.

Keep conquering the lands! :slight_smile:


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Welcome to the Forum. Looks like you have already gotten a response. Plenty of things need to be corrected in this new age. @YawatanoKami

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So far I’m not a fan of the new stamina system, I understand they probably wanted to stop people from spamming attacks, but I am at full corruption. I only have 50 stamina and I think they probably should’ve done a percentage based system for stamina consumption for players, since not every player ha the same amount of stamina

There actually is one.

Spec into rolling thrust (Agi perk).

Roll into attack, then roll again into attack. Repeat.

Works well for corrupted builds.

You don’t need anything in Grit, because it is percentage based.

Oh and use light armor only for this.


We are back with roll and poke but it now includes pve.

Before 3.0 the devs stated that they wanna get rid of such silly combat mechanics. And now look where we are. Back to square one. If that is Funcoms decission making then no wonder why we are stuck in limbo. Circeling around problems without ever fixing them properly is not the way to go.

Yeah right? xD

They say one thing and do a completely different one.

Just like “Bazaar will not be pay2win”, only cosmetic" xD