Stamina, rolls and bow in PvP

I hope it will be changed soon. PvP part is completly broken( it becomes way too easy and unskill. hit-roll-hit-roll-hit-roll … it looks like legal cheats. and especialy bow with its huge damage… in previous patches u can outplay bow with stamina, now its impossible, now archer can make double roll hit. run away hit roll hit. and u got no chance to catch him .cuz bow got no hit animation delay, u can roll on bow whenever u want. and bow can do damage throw enemy rolls, and also its overpowerd to chase someone who run away. its totaly imbalanced. i love all weapons in game . but now im playing only bow just in case of its overpower. its too sad. Also there is no such a good armor for streng weapons like ranger armor. and best bow is not a legendary - its also craftable. u always have much more stamina with bow, and u can get 25% of stamina regeneration speed… too much points. needs to be fixed.
ok… we have shield , but there is no good enouth weapons for pvp with shield for now to catch archers or outplay spear.
get back old stamina or rework weapons for new stamina plz

Sry for my english …=)

What craftable bow is better than Reach of the Red Mother?

On Siptah, arguably the Voidforge Bow with a T4 damage carpenter…
+1 dmg, but -2.52% armor penetration, and iirc it damages your gloves when you fire it XD
At least it’s craftable, but they’re basically equivalent.
image image

On the Exiled Lands, none are better than Red Mother.
Best craftable one is Khari Bow, and it’s a strict downgrade.

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If I’m not mistaken - the 25% stamina regeneration perk does not work, because it is so restored as quickly as possible?

You are mistaken, it does work.
Invest 20 points in grit with and without the perk, you will feel the difference :+1:

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