Star Metal Meteors DO Land and Stay

Star Metal Meteors DO land and stay if you’re in rendering distance of it landing.

We’ve had a player camp the area and he was able to collect all meteors and they were still there after leaving the area.
If he wasn’t there to see them land, then there was nothing to harvest.


Must have been a lucky time then.
Some meteors have shells on them and stay but most do not.

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Solution (at least, until the devs come back and fix it themselves):


I tried it and it works. Meteors land with their shells on them and they can be cracked open with the usual methods. Collected about 350 pieces of star metal ore.


My post is more for the sake of the dev’s, just in case it gives them any insight when trying to track down the main issue. :slight_smile:

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I have found my FIRST meteor with a shell today.
All others that i have found so far were without shell, blue and ready to get mined ( only 2 :smiley: ). But this meteor was 100% bugged and i could not crack it.
And everytime i am lucky enough to find a meteor after having watched a meteorshower, i am only able to find either a single node or simply none.
I was in the western camp of the forgotten tribe when the shower occured and i found the node on a cliff about 150 meters away from the ymir teacher. i would say the node was approximately 600 meters away (hard to be sure though) from my character position when the shower occured.

i have maybe watched 7 or 8 meteor showers since meteors are bugged and most of the time there is just nothing to be found.

In SP on PC