Star metal mining?

I know you suppose to use explosives to break outer shell. But… would only explosive jars work for that, or demon orbs would do the trick as well?

You can use a method with grease orbs (4 i believe) then a demon orb to break the shell. The link to the video is:

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Oil and demon orbs work, not sure how much but it does

Oh cool!

I wonder if gas orbs plus demon orb would also work

Gas and demon orbs make an explosion so I would assume so

Trow 1 fire orb and wait for about 20 sec. Then throw a greas orb and count to 28 then the next. You shouldn’t need more then 3 greas orbs. If you time it properly, you need only 2 greas orbs.

Important: If the fire orb hits the impactor, there have to appear glowing cracks of the star metal. If you don’t see them after first hit, it won’t work. Sometimes the fire orbs effect doesn’t “attach” to the hit geometry of impactor even though it burns.

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