Starting a Dune Guild

Duke of House Locusta here. My House is recruiting for Dune Awakening. Seeking Xbox players for now due to lack of knowledge on crossplay. We are a small guild at the moment, I prefer slow growth and getting to know my guild members, I don’t like my people feeling like numbers.

For those interested in joining the family
Message KINZELwashingtn on XBL

Dune in Conan.

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wich shelfs are those ones with chests oon it? Nice build, i loved the pyramid sets, i dont got it because there are no wedges.

Mh, I’m not sure about the shelves. I wondered the same thing when I watched the video the first time.

Shelves appear to be Nordheimer Shelving.

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Greetings @KINZELwashingtn,

Thank you for your post. Although we appreciate the enthusiasm this forum is exclusive for Conan Exiles. Please check Dune: Awakening’s official channels over at our Discord:

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